Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Strollerland!

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Enter to win a FREE Jane' Nanuq Stroller!

Jane' Nanuq stroller giveaway!

 Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, we're at it again! Jane' USA and StrollerQueen have teamed up to give you a fabulous new Jane' Nanuq stroller! If you haven't heard about it yet, then you are really missing out!

Yes, this can be your very own, but if you snooze, you lose!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Enter to win a Nuna Pepp, Snooz Shade, Timi & Leslie, and lots more!

New Giveaway y'all! We've partnered with our friends at Club MomMe and MommyGuru to bring you everything you need for your holiday travels! Enter to win a Nuna Pepp, Timi & Leslie, Snooze Shade, and lots more! It's a quickie, so hurry!

From Club MomMe + Mommy Guru + Stroller Queen!

1 Nuna Pepp Stroller

 1 timi & leslie diaper bag

1 Thames & Kosmos Candy Chemistry

1 ubooly learning toy that listens

1 Snoozeshade Sun & Sleep Shade that universally fits all strollers and car seats

1 Prince Lionheart on-the-go bottle warmer

1 Prince Lionheart compact wipes warmer

1 Prince Lionheart click ‘n go stroller accessory system 

1 Daddy Scrubs Bottle Sleeve

1 Daddy Scrubs Diaper Changing Pads

1 Daddy Scrubs Big Daddy Hook

1 Shaidee sunshade

13 Winners- One Winner per item

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Flashback Friday! Mountain Buggy Breeze

When I think of November, I think of autumn, and falling leaves. The colors that comes to mind are dark red, orange, green, and yellow. Maybe brown, too. So I'm still going with an orange theme this month, but not a spooky orange/black like Halloween. Something with orange and colors, something like the cabana stripe Mountain Buggy Breeze. It's basically a scaled down Terrain, or a mini Urban without the swivels. It still has the "beauty in simplicity" Mountain Buggy design, and the "gold standard" quality. It is rugged, but absolutely adorable! It has a nice deep recline for a young baby, done with backstraps to cut down on weight.

Flashback Friday! Easy Walker Classic

Royal red? Emerald Green? Not going for the obvious here. Puttin' a new twist on the holidays with a lime and fuchsia Easy Walker Classic!
And can I say, Easy Walker, where have you been all my life? I am so happy to end 2006 with THE "easiest walking" stroller ever! Honestly, you have got to try this steering to believe it! You can turn it with two fingers, pushing a 60-pounder! Yes, I have tried it, and it was featherlight.

Flashback Friday! Valco Rad Stroller Review

I think of January as a blue month. Maybe because I think of snow as bluish-white, or because the post-holiday letdown equals the blues, I don't know. But anyway, it's the start of a new year, so this month calls out for something blue, and new. Herewith, we bring you the Valco Rad:
Love the fresh, high-tech look! Love how the high up the seat sits, and how large it is. Love how the front bar pops off easily, a detail that has vexed me on more than one competitor. And I love how easy it is to change seat directions, one of the best I have seen.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Friday, November 15, 2013

The 2014 BIG Stroller Roll-Out is now complete, whoo hoo!

Get your copy now, and get a jumpstart on all the new strollers and car seats for 2014!


Buy a BOB or Britax Stroller, get a free car seat!

Britax Free Ride and BOB Free Gear events!

For the month of November only. Check them out!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Seed Pli Review, the Exclusive U.S. Debut!

Seed Pli

 The Seed Pli is "spooktacular". It's one of the most completely original, uniquely designed stroller that I have pushed in a while. And while some of it's machinations make look "tricky", I assure you that it is such a "treat" to push that it is all worth it.

The winner of the amazing Click' n Move 3 stroller is....

Thursday, November 7, 2013

One more day to win the Kiddy Click' N Move 3 reversible stroller!

Kiddy Click' n Move 3 Stroller Giveaway

Have you heard about the new reversible stroller that stands folded, and has a raincover inside the napper bar? It's the Kiddy Click' n Move 3, and you can win one of your very own. For FREE! That's right, StrollerQueen and Kiddy USA have teamed up to bring you this fabulous promotion!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Joovy Caboose Varylight is here!

Joovy VaryLight

 Five months ago, Strollerland was very excited when we brought news of the very unique Caboose VaryLight. It expands and contracts with the flip of a lever, and the pull of a handle.
Well guess what, Stroller Monsters? It's HERE! I saw it this week-end in Pacific Palisades.

Monday, November 4, 2013

The World-Wide video debut of the new Joovy Qool, and Too Qool!

Joovy Qool and Too Qool Previews

 So I'm at this conference yesterday. I'm standing on the deck, looking down at this absolutely magnificent view. And then suddenly, I spied this:


 What the heck??? What is this? Am I imagining it? I rubbed my eyes, blinked, and it was still there. So I raced down the stairs to find out what it was.

Saturday, November 2, 2013