Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Joovy Kooper Review

Will she or won't she? That's what the crowd wanted to know. We checked our watches, and held our breath, as the minutes ticked by.
But I digress...because after all, this is supposed to be about what stroller we took. The logical  choice--the "One Of", all denim, groovy Joovy Kooper!
It's simply smashing! I'm so sorry they weren't able to make more. Softest denim ever.
 And look how great the denim Skip Hop looks on the back!
 Not that you really even need it. Because the Kooper is chock full of pockets.
There are two on the inside, for sippy cups, bottles, toys, etc.
A huge zippered pocket on the back.  Joovy wasn't able to make more of these denim ones, because they couldn't get enough of the right fabric. 
  But, you can still get the Kooper in 5 other colors. Still get the same great humongous canopy, easy to access basket, umbrella fold, ergo foam handles, and deep recline.
And then, she appeared!
And the crowd goes wild!
It all started Thursday night. Selena Gomez was on the Jay Leno show.
 She joked around, answering questions about BF Justin Bieber, her new movie, upcoming album and tour, and ending TV series.
 Suddenly, after the show, she was rushed to the hospital. A collective gasp was heard throughout the tween and teen world. What was wrong? Would she be OK? Well enough to tour? The first concert was cancelled, and re-scheduled. And then she went back to the hospital again. So that is why her appearance today was a big "If", and everyone was cheering mightily for her, to show support.
When she took the stage, her "magic" began. It was 4:00 sharp. Extremely punctual; very impressive. 
And just as promptly, at 4:10, it was over. I'm not so sure she was all better, as the rest of the Media was reporting. But, God bless her, she did her best. The children were enthralled, and the Joovy Kooper was brilliant. 
Take it to a mall near you! 
Joovy Kooper

Weight: 17. 5 pds.

Width: 21"

Length: 26.5"

Height: 40 1/4"

Seat Width: 15"

Seat Depth: 8"

Seat Height: 18"

Seat to Canopy: 24"

Drop to Footrest: 11"

Seat to Floor: 16"

Folded: 46" x 13" x 12"  
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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cybex Onyx Review 2011

 Cybex in the Rain
Lately, we have been having winter, spring, summer, and fall--all in the same week.  Saturday it was spring, and I went to the beach. Sunday it was fall, and I went to a festival. But I was really looking forward to Monday, and winter.  That was because I was so excited to try out my new Cybex Onyx with rain cover, and My Blue Bumbershoot stroller umbrella!
Readers of the 2011 "BIG Stroller Roll-Out!" know how thrilled I was when I first saw the Bumbershoot. That is because I love to stroll, but I hate to get wet. And this year, we've had more rain than we've had in like 10,000 years or something. Really cut into my stroller time. But if I had the Bumbershoot, I would stay dry. FINALLY it arrived, yippee! Couldn't wait for those storm clouds to build. The day got greyer and greyer, and then the raindrops started.
 It all started out so promising. Attached the clamp and the umbrella to the Onyx. SP 2.0 was excited to ride in his new black and red "firetruck" (Lipstick Onyx.) He insisted that he wear his firehat and firejacket. And so, off we went.
But by the time we crossed the street, the umbrella suddenly closed.
I reached up to open it again, but it was collapsed. That is when I realized that the center post had snapped.
  Right in half.
 Oh well, that's what happens with first-run products. I was just grateful that the umbrella still kept me dry, despite having broken.
 The owners of the company were so lovely. Very apologetic. Sent me out a brand new one straight away. Now for the next rainy day....
The Cybex Onyx canopy is pretty great, even if you don't use the rain cover. You can unzip it for more coverage, and it's just huge. Plus, it has a 50 UV protection, for when the rain stops.
One more thing--you can slide the canopy up and down the frame, so you have enough headroom for the tallest child, or proper sun coverage for the smallest. Brilliant! Now why doesn't everyone do that?
Note the handsome black frame; contrasts beautifully with the red fabric. The Onyx has a 4-position recline, extended legrest, and ergo foam handles. Oh, and did I mention you can get a cupholder? It's a good one, and it actually fits! Oh, yeah!
  The quick umbrella fold and carry strap makes the Onyx a no-brainer for your vacation travels.
 Btw, the chunky rear wheels have suspension, and they are 5.5" in diameter.
 Oh, and don't forget to get that rain cover, in case you encounter summer, spring, fall, or winter showers!
Cybex Onyx 2011

Weight: 16.5 pounds

Width: 19.5"

Length: 24"

Height: 42.5"

Seat Width: 13"

Seat Depth: 8"-13.5"

Seat Back: 18.5"

Seat to Canopy: 24"-30"

Drop to Footrest: 9"

Seat to Floor: 14.5"

Folded: 41.5" x 11" x 11" 
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