Saturday, September 10, 2011

BumbleRide Flyer Review

Flight into house
   Sometimes the most mundane trips in life turn into, well, something else. Something not mundane. Something quite unexpected. 
It started as a trip to the grocery store, with the StrollerPrinces, StrollerPrincess, and our  new Bumbleride Flyer.
I had been wanting to try this stroller for a long time. Because, let's face it, there are very few lightweight, reversible handle strollers on the market.

One of the reasons is that people get hung up on how to fix the wheels. You always have to keep the ones closest to you locked, so they will go in a straight line. And then you always want the wheels in the front to swivel, no matter which direction you have the handle. Sometimes people get a little mixed up about this. So they wind up trying to steer a stroller skittering sideways, because the back wheels are swiveling all over the place. Or, the front wheels won't steer, because they are the ones locked. Yes, it is a little confusing. So just remember, lock the wheels by your feet, unlock the ones in the front. 

Anyway, the Flyer is a good choice for a newborn car stroller. Has the flat recline, and extendable legrest. 

The canopy, like all of the Bumblerides, pulls all the way down to shield your baby from the elements, or from grabby hands. And look at the cute design inside the canopy!

It has a peekaboo window on the top, which matches. Nice detail.
The back has a zippered pocket.

 It's very easy to reverse, by just pulling up the levers on the handle. The handle is height adjustable. And it comes with a raincover, bumper bar, and cupholder.

You can also add this additional snack tray. I really like the fact that it matches the inside canopy design, too!

Now, after the shopping was finished, we stopped off to see a plane in a house.
Yes, a small plane crashed into a neighbor's house earlier in the day. 
 I wasn't prepared for the sight of an upside down plane sticking in a wall, and it was rather shocking.
 So much so, in fact, that I didn't grab the camera until the firefighters were lifting the plane out of the house. 

So here is a better shot, courtesy of KABC.

And here is how it looked earlier in the day.

Thanks to the quick thinking actions of nearby painters, the pilot escaped with only a broken leg. When the plane hit, they grabbed a garden hose and extinguished the flames. Then they bravely cut the pilot out of the plane. They are the true heroes in this story. It is something that I remind my children. Of how quickly an ordinary day--painting a house in this case--can become an an extraordinary rescue. A simple, courageous, and selfless act, that likely saved a life.

And seeing as how this is Santa Monica, the house belongs to this actress--Rachel Blanchard. 
I don't plan these things. I really don't.

Bumbleride Flyer

Weight:                               21 lbs.

Seat Back:                          18"
Seat to canopy:                27"
Seat Width:                       13"
Seat Depth:                        9"-16"
Drop to footrest:              9"
Seat to ground:               18"
Length:                              29"
Width:                               20.25"
Height:                              27-46"
Folded:                              35"L x 21"W x 12"H
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