Monday, November 4, 2013

The World-Wide video debut of the new Joovy Qool, and Too Qool!

Joovy Qool and Too Qool Previews

 So I'm at this conference yesterday. I'm standing on the deck, looking down at this absolutely magnificent view. And then suddenly, I spied this:


 What the heck??? What is this? Am I imagining it? I rubbed my eyes, blinked, and it was still there. So I raced down the stairs to find out what it was.

And THIS is what it was. The brand spankin' new Joovy Too Qool! Love that name!

The Qool is coming out in December, in both a double and single version. Side by side, you can see that the chassis and the wheels are different. So the double comes with the two seats, and the single comes with one. They are not interchangeable.
 Both will come in ten! different fabric options. They also both have beautiful leather handle bars and bumper bars. And both have height adjustable handlebars.
The single will come in either a gunmetal gray, or silver frame. The double also adds in a shiny silver frame.
 This "Qool" riding board is an optional accessory. Made specifically for the Qool, you can actually fold the stroller without taking it off!
 Here to demonstrate all these incredible features is the lovely and talented Ms.Pam Cosgrove.

So again, the double will retail for $799, and the single will be $499.
What do you think? Will they be on your Christmas lists? Hopefully I will be able to give you a more indepth review by then, too!



  1. So cool! I cannot wait to hear all about these new additions to the Joovy lineup!

  2. I love that joovy came out with this but the britax b ready retails for almost half the price on amazon and it can seat up to 3. Joovy has great products and are typically better priced. I have the zoom 360 and LOVE it. But 799 is ridiculous.

  3. This is a perfect full size stroller! The colors are to die for especially the Avocado one. It's a little expensive but the leather on the handle bar and the bumper bar make it totally worth it. And it's not really heavy at 21.5 lbs. I am in love. ~Susan