Thursday, September 26, 2013

Throwback Thursday, StrollerPrince 2.0 in utero

He started modeling quite young.

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Britax B-Motion 3 New Stroller

This was just introduced by Britax at the KindunJugen baby show in cologne. I don't know yet if it is coming to the U.S. Description below.


Friday, September 20, 2013

Stroller Facts

Stroller facts, thanks to Seed

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Seed Pli MG Stroller on Zulily!

Seed Pli MG Stroller

Seed - pram and strollers

OK, this is sooo cool! And what an interesting marketing strategy, to introduce it into the U.S. on Zulily! And at half price, wow! If you don't have an invite yet, here ya' go:

Anders Berggreen, founder of Seed

The Seed Pli MG was designed in Denmark by film producer Anders Berggreen, when he wasn't satisified with the strollers that were on the market. So he collaborated with engineers and designers to make a "pushchair" (as they say in Europe) that would combine form and function. An all-in-one pram that had clean lines, would fold with the flick of a wrist, and would fit in the smallest car "boots" (or trunks. Yes, I am getting carried away, haha.) And Mr. Berggreen spent years making sure his new creation would comply with all of the EU safety standards (which are fairly strict.) Here is the result:

I think the design is gorgeous. One thing I really like is the removable shopping bag. Don't you get tired of taking everything out of your stroller basket when you are folding it up to put it in the car? I do. But with the Seed, you just detach the basket itself, and carry it in. Brilliant!

The seat transforms into a carrycot, and back, and you can buy it in a bunch of different colors to suit your fancy. St. Patrick's Day?


 OR, you could just add the diaper bag and seat pad set, for a splash of color. Valentine's Day, anyone?

This one's my favorite.

You can also get the fitted mosquito net, or raincover, if you are in an area in which you need it.
Seed pram insect net, mosquito Bug

Seed stroller rain cover Splash

The Seed stroller is on sale at Zulily for $479, regularly $979.

Seed stroller fit into almost any car boot
But if you want one, better hurry. The sale ends in 3 days 17 hours. Here's the invite again, if you need it:
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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Happy Brother's Day!

Did you guys know it was National Brother's Day? Neither did I. So wish them well! And Happy Brother's Day to my big brother, best ever! XOXOXOXO

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KindenJugen, KIND + JUGEND


News from Cologne, Germany!

Just some random photos I liked.



News from Cologne, Germany!

Go, speed racer!
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The World's Biggest Baby Fair has begun!


News from Cologne, Germany!

 Kind + Jugend Innovation Awards 2013 presented

For the ninth time, the Kind + Jugend Innovation Awards for the best products of the year for babies and toddlers were presented at the start of Kind + Jugend 2013. A particularly innovative idea, outstanding technology, high level of functionality or extraordinary design were again the most important criteria for the decisions of the international and independent specialist jury consisting of industry professionals, trade journalists and safety experts. This year, 145 companies from 24 countries put forward a total of 183 products for the coveted winner's seal in eight categories.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight stroller review

First Day of K

The first time I really started paying attention to tandem stand-on strollers was when the original StrollerPrincess started Kindergarten.  They seemed to be the stroller of choice at the time. "I want  one! I want to ride in that!" she would exclaim, as she saw her BFF Vera Wang (yes, that really was her name), and her little brother roll up.

But what was on the market at the time was crap. And I didn't want to push one.
So I was really happy when Rob Gardner started Joovy, and came out with his vastly improved version.

Friday, September 13, 2013

And the Lucky Winner of the Terrific Trider by Jane' is...

Who won? Was it you?

Flashback Friday, Red Castle Whizz review

Red Castle Whizz
 If the Bugaboo was a three-wheeler, it might look like the Red Castle Whizz. There is no other A/T out there this elegant, with this many features, and with the price tag to match. It is beautiful, and very French. You first choose your base fabric, in either orange, chocolate, grey, or black. A matching two-sided seat pad comes with it, with a cool summer cotton on one side, and a warm winter fleece on the other. You can also select another fleece pad to change the look, in turquoise, fushcia, chocolate, orange, or light blue. The weight is a manageable 22 pounds. The seat fully reclines, by the use of two silent side zippers. This makes it good for a yong baby. (But the seat is quite large, big enough for a tall child.) Then, you have the option of rolling up the back canopy, for more ventilation. There is a built-in netting on the back, one feature I really like. This is only one of the little touches that make this a well thought-out stroller. The footrest adjusts up, to three different positions, there is a large velcro pouch on the back of the canopy, two zippered pockets on the back of the seat, a wrist strap to prevent runaways, and the bottom basket has side zippers for easier access. More nice touches: a suncover and raincover and front bar come with the Whizz. Also included are wheel covers, tire pump, and maintenance kit. muff, and a matching changing bag. The little blue pouch is a pacifier holder!  You can also buy a carrycot or footmuff, and one of several different styles of changing bags.  The frame is aluminum, and the handle is height adjustable. The steering is superb. And yes, this cute little air tires are smaller than average, for more maneuverability. The rear are 9", and the front is 8". Maybe because they have suspension,but the smaller size did not compromise it's performance on the SQ Obstacle Course. It is as rugged as it is exquisite. To fold it, you pull up a lever on the right side of the handlebar, then squeeze in the levers on both sides. It is the latest model to be distributed by Euro-Baby US, the same company that brought the Micralite to the U.S.
Weight:              22 pounds
Seatback:           21.5"
Seat to canopy:   26"
Seat width:          14"
Seat depth:          11" to 18.5" with footrest extended
Overall width:      22.5"
Overall Length:    36.5"
Folded:                12 x 32 x 22.5

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Flashback Friday, Mutsy Spider Review

Mutsy Spider
In honor of our country's birth 230 years ago, here is MY 200th, the MUTSY SPIDER! WHOO HOO! How many years have I been waiting for this to cross the pond? I am so glad I wasn't disappointed, and it was worth the wait! The Mutsy Spider is the latest of the new look, cutting edge strollers to hit our fair shores. As you can see, the rear wheels are widely spaced. The good news is that this makes it very stable; non tippy. The bad news is that they are prone to getting hung up in tight spaces. The basket is on the small side, but I have gained space with a red Skip Hop Duo, to keep the blue and white Dutch stroller USA patriotic. The wheels are made of a lovely rubber material. No cheap plastic here! Performed very well on the SQ Obstacle Course, gliding over grass, cracks, and bumps. It is very enjoyable to push, very quiet, no rattles! The handle is height adjustable, with a comfortable foam covering, which makes it a good choice for short or tall people. It is a cinch to fold. Underneath the seat there is a lever that you pull out. Then there is another handle that you pull up. That's it, it folds in half. Very user friendly, takes about 2 seconds. Makes a nice little package.The Spider has an adjustable footrest, and it reclines to about halfway. There is a lot of headroom in this one. And the seat is very wide, wide enough for me to take a rest. Even my overtired DD hopped a ride when she was having a meltdown at Home Depot. Gotta' love it! Happy 4th of July, and I wish you lots of fireworks!
Weight: 21 pounds
Width: 26.5"
Length: 28"
Seat back: 19"
Seat to canopy: 23"
Seat width: 14" top-16" bottom
Seat depth: 10"-15", footrest extended
Drop to footrest: 8.5"
Folded: 25" x 18" x 19"
Handle height: 35.5"-41"
Wheel size: 7" rear, 5" front

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Throwback Thursday! Phil and Ted's Sport buggy review

Camo! Camo!

Phil & Ted's Sport
The first Phil and Ted's Most excellent Buggy that I ever received was in a stroller swap. Which also, coincidentally, was the start of my "Kingdom of Strollerland" group, or "Strollerswap."  As we have evolved to nearly 11,000 Loyal Citizens, so the original "Explorer" has evolved. It became the E3, then the E3 V1, then the E3 V2, and now, the Sport, Dash, Vibe, Hammerhead, etc. It's ever changing profile reflects Phil & Ted's willingness to listen to what parents want, and to respond accordingly.


Of course the brilliance of the Sport is the ability to quickly change from a single to a double,

without adding to the width, and only 4 pounds to the weight. That has not changed. But the

canopy is different now, a little sleeker, a little lighter, with a peekaboo window. The wheels

are quick-release, and come with mudguards. The bumper bar pops off a lot easier, the

handlebar is height adjustable, and the add-on seat now reclines! And of course, there is

this cool "Blue Camo" fabric option.

There are some other new, less obvious touches, too. Like the harness. Addressing complaints of parent with little babies, the harness now adjusts to a much smaller size. The toddler seat slides on and off easier, and the fold is much gentler. There are little storage pockets sewn into the canopy and basket. And there are bottom straps to hold the Sport closed.


The maximum load capacity is 55 for the main seat, and 33 for the add-on.


I wish the back cupholders came standard, but, oh well. Phil & Ted's still has come of the coolest accessories available, like this. Have bag, will travel! Perfect for summer vacays!
Weight:   27 pds. single; 31 double
Width:    24"
Length:   39"
Seat to canopy: 26"
Seat back:     24"
Seat width:    14" at shoulders, 11" at hips
Seat Depth:    10"
Drop to footrest:    6"
Folded:   36" x 11"  x 24"

Throwback Thursday! Joovy Caboose UltraLight, Joovy Groove, Joovy Groove 2

Groovy Joovys!

It's kind of amazing that as saturated as the stroller market is these days, there is still a dearth of lightweight doubles. It is probably the number one desperate question we get asked here in Strollerland, "Strollerqueen, PLEASE help me find a double for my car!" Rob Gardner of the long-awaited Joovy line has some solutions with two of his newest models, the Groove 2 and the Caboose Ultra light. The Caboose has been around for in various incarnations for a while. But this latest version has some great improvements. the wheels have ball bearings for greater maneuverability, the canopy extends over both the main seat and the jump seat, and both seats have reflective harnesses. Great news for parents of runners!

The rear standing platform is a good size for smaller toddlers, too. The fold is super easy, just pull up the two side latches. There is a side lock to keep it closed. There is a front snack tray, and a back removable neoprene parent cupholder. The front seat has an extendable leg rest, and a small net pocket on the back of the seat. The recline is slight, though, or there would be no room for the rear seat rider. It is car seat compatible with most major brands. Comes in orange, black, and sage. Best of all is the weight, just 22 pounds!

The Groove 2 is a more traditional side by side umbrella stroller. It has a fairly deep recline, and separate canopies. It comes with matching head-huggers, and reversible seat pads--fleece for the

winter, and cotton for the summer. 

I really like the three handles. I used it to push the Groove 2 one-handed on the SQ Obstacle Course, for about two blocks. Quite respectable. They are made of a squsihy foam that is really easy on the hands, too. The back canopy has net bottle pockets, peek-a-boo windows, and large zippered pockets. There is also a latch to lock the stroller shut. Comes in blue or green.
The Groove is very similar in form and function to the Groove 2. Except, of course, that it is the singleton of the group here. Both have the great canopies with sun visors and pockets. Both have reversible seat liners, and decent r 

and decent reclines. But the Groove has an extendable leg rest. It also comes with an additional, really cool feature.ANOTHER seat fabric and canopy in black! So you can change the look as it suits you, or switch out the skins for washing, or mix and match...and where do you put them? Voila! In their own canvas hanging bag of course! The bag is zippered, with net organizing pockets inside. That's a raincover in the bottom, too!   The Groove has a side carry handle, and a good sized basket. You recline it by pushing up the two side levers, and sliding them back. Comes in green, blue, or pink.
To fold it, you pull up the red knob in the middle, then push down on the red latch on the right side.. Although I would characerize these as "car" or "indoor" strollers, all three performed well on the SQ Obstacle Course, and on the grass and gravel paths you see here. Very versatile!
Groove                        Groove 2                  Caboose Ultralight
Weight:  16 pds.               30 pds.                  22.5 pds.    

Width:  19.5"                     29"                        21"

Length:  26"                      25"                        32"

Seat Width:  14"               11.5"                      12" (both)

Seat Depth:  7"-15"            7"                          8" (front) 9.5" (rear)

Seat Back:   19"                19"                         16" (front only)

Seat to canopy:  26"         26"                          25.5" (front) 23" (rear)

Drop to footrest:  10"          9"                          6" (front) 9" rear

Handle height:      42"        42"                          41"

Folded:  14" x 12" x 42"     20" x 11" x 42"       11" x 21" x 42"
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