Friday, November 22, 2013

Flashback Friday! Valco Rad Stroller Review

I think of January as a blue month. Maybe because I think of snow as bluish-white, or because the post-holiday letdown equals the blues, I don't know. But anyway, it's the start of a new year, so this month calls out for something blue, and new. Herewith, we bring you the Valco Rad:
Love the fresh, high-tech look! Love how the high up the seat sits, and how large it is. Love how the front bar pops off easily, a detail that has vexed me on more than one competitor. And I love how easy it is to change seat directions, one of the best I have seen.

The seat reclines nearly flat, but a bassinette comes with, along with a boot and raincover. It is a really simple recline, you just push in the two side buttons. The legrest extends really far out (see stats below), and the telescopic handle extends very high. The wheels have nice suspension, and are quick release. It can be folded easily, in one piece. But with all strollers of this type, I prefer detaching the seat from the chassis, for a more compact fold. It is lighter to lift that way, too.I found it on the heavy side, and I wish the front wheels were more A/T. I wish there was not a bar going across the back of the basket, blocking access. And I really wish there was a way to prevent the sun from streaming in through the sides of the canopy. My son spent the entire ride covering his eyes with his arm, yelling "close the flaps, close the flaps"! But there are no flaps to close.
Rad Stats:
Weight: 31 pounds  (seat: 7, chassis, 24)
Seat back: 20"
Seat to canopy: 24"
Seat depth: 10"; 17" w/footrest extended
Seat width: 13.5"
Drop to footrest: 8.5"
Overall width: 23"
Overall length: 30"

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