Friday, February 28, 2014

Joovy Too Qool double stroller review

Won't you be mine, my Valentine, oh won't you be mine....

Well that's what I thought the first time I laid eyes on the Joovy Too Quool. It was the first time anyone, anywhere, had laid eyes on it, in fact. It was at the ClubMomMe Fall Fest.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Happy Strollin' Valentine's Day!

Up next...what could be sweeter than a new Valentine's stroller? Can you guess what this is?

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Flashback Friday, Valco Matrix Review

Valentine Matrix
This stroller is red,
so don't you be blue
the ride is so sweet
it's perfect for you! 
Bowing to the realities of our slow economy, Valco has introduced a lower priced version of their popular TriMode. It's more than a hundred dollars less, but it is still pretty nice. Like it's more expensive sister, it can take an add-on toddler seat. Which means you can make a single into a double. It is also compatible with the new Husssh (compact and portable bassinette) bassinette, hitchhiker, footmuff, cupholder, snack tray, sun shade, and travel bag. 

It only comes in two colors in the US--black and red. They are both true and vibrant. The Matrix (isn't that a cool name!) also has the infamous airgo fabric, and reflective harness.  
There are two peekaboo windows, both on the back of the canopy, and the top.
The one on the back has a zippered pouch on top of it.  

Even though the Matrix is "the bargain stroller", it still doesn't skimp on features. The handle is height adjustable, and the front wheel unlocks to swivel, or locks to stationary. 
The tires are air, for smooth ride. I kinda' like the "whitewall look." Tire pump is included.
The recline is one-handed, easy and swift. Harness has the typical Valco buckle. LOVE the angle of the front napper bar. Perfect for a little cupid to hang on to. Hope I installed it right, lol!  
The seat sits up pretty straight, too, so no straining forward. 
 My one complaint is the racheting sound the canopy makes when you retract it. I wish it was quieter. And I wish the canopy was more generous. I guess that's two??? Oh well, the larger canopy can be found on the Tri-mode, for a hundred dollars more (and a rain cover, head hugger, more colors, saddlebags on the basket, different tires, a different brake system, and a third "tilt" position on the front wheel.)
The fold is fast and easy. Just pull up the two side handles, then lift the red safety release. It's a a reasonable size, and feels easier to lift than it's 26 pounds would suggest.
And the steering? I saved the best for last. It is AWESOME, wonderful! I pushed it one-handed along the entire SQ Obstacle Course, with no problems. Up and down grass banks, through mud, rocks, bricks, cobblestones, gravel, broken sidewalks...So no baby whiplash worries if you need to hold the hand of another little one, or the leash of a dog, or a latte', or a cell phone, or a bow and arrow.
Happy Valentine's Day! Here's hoping cupid has a good aim, and hits the target of your affection! :

Valco Matrix
Weight:                    26 pounds

Seat Back:               19"

Seat to canopy:       26"

Seat Width:              12"

Seat Depth:               9"

Drop to footrest:       9"-15"

Seat to ground:        19"

Length:                      39"

Width:                        24"

Height:                       26"-44"

Folded:                      34"L x 25"W x 19"H

If you need help finding the best stroller for you, click on "Consultations" up top. And to see all of the 2014 stroller models, go to StrollerQueen.Net