Friday, November 22, 2013

Flashback Friday! Easy Walker Classic

Royal red? Emerald Green? Not going for the obvious here. Puttin' a new twist on the holidays with a lime and fuchsia Easy Walker Classic!
And can I say, Easy Walker, where have you been all my life? I am so happy to end 2006 with THE "easiest walking" stroller ever! Honestly, you have got to try this steering to believe it! You can turn it with two fingers, pushing a 60-pounder! Yes, I have tried it, and it was featherlight.

The maneuverability on the SQ Obstacle Course was umprecedented. With the small front swivels on, it cleared the cracks that break the backs of all lesser models, and sailed over the 6" grass bank that tips most of 'em sideways. In fact, those small air-filled swivels are SO capable that I have yet to feel the need to seriously try the big front wheel! One of the really fun things about the Easy Walker is how "easy" it is to switch the look. You can readily buy different seat covers, canopy, footmuff, or bag, to go from this, to this. There are also loads of accessories available. The footmuff is one of the biggest and cosiest I have ever seen. And this raincover was also one of the "easiest" I have used:I had a little trouble with the canopy today. The sun was going straight into my son's eyes, and he was complaining mightily. I think I need to look into an add-on shade or drape. And, when you retract the canopy, it sticks straight up. Ah well, no stroller is perfect. And there are lots of things to make up for the canopy shortcomings, like these cool back seat pockets:
If you have a newborn, I highly recommend this carrycot. Again, one of the nicest I have seen, and BIG!  
It folds down very compactly.  And you can "easily" pop off the wheels to make the fold even smaller. The fold is a little intimidating at first, but you get the hang of it very quickly. Then it becomes really "easy", like just about everything else on this lovely buggy!

As you can see from these measurements, the seat is quite roomy. Yet, it is the lightest swivel-wheel  A/T in the US market. (The MB Breeze beats it by about a pound, but it is fixed wheel only.)
Seat back                    21"
seat to canopy            24"
seat width                    14"
seat depth                    8.5"
drop to footrest            10"
overall width                 22"
overall length                39"
weight                            19.5-20.5 depending on wheel

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