Saturday, July 25, 2015

Bugaboo Runner Launch

Their new jogger--the Bugaoo Runner

In case you didn't know, Bugaboo's new jogger is now for sale.
You can either buy just the frame and wheels, and use your existing Bugaboo stroller seat, for $400.
Or you can buy the whole kit and caboodle, which will set you back $800. So hang onto those seats!
  Here's how it works.

 The launch was at Santa Monica Place, in conjunction with the fabulous Rachel and Club Mom Me.

  She's definitely a hands on mommy!
 Love this color.
Bug experts were there to discuss the entire range.
 Yes, there were some celebs in attendance. But they kept a low profile. Most of whom you see here are Fashionista bloggers.
Group shot!
Very pretty and very pregnant!
I also liked the Watermelon Girl.
She was there promoting healthy Watermelon Water.
And running on the track.
 Here's something we've all done at one time or another, though it is not officially sanctioned as a seat for a child.
This is NOT a Bug, by the way.
 There was a little rain, but it didn't dampen the festivities.
It was actually a good excuse to whip out the raincovers!
A fun time was had by all!

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