Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mountain Buggy March Madness!

March used to be a triple whammy month... St. Patrick's Day, the First Day of Spring (yes, we celebrate that one, too), and the StrollerPrince's birthday. Add another Strollerprince to the mix, and Friday the 13th in court, and yes, you have, MADNESS! What better way to celebrate all of this versatility than with MOUNTAIN BUGGIES! 
 Mountain Buggy Swift Single Stroller 
These are top quality, rugged, durable, and made in New Zealand --not China --3-wheelers. Safety and strength are their hallmarks. In less litigious NZ, salesmen used to demonstrate MB's by racing in them, yes, IN them. When I was interviewed by Dave Price of the CBS Early Show, he asked me "Which of these will hold me?" Without missing a beat, I pointed to the MB. He climbed in, and I pushed him, whilst he pushed the Strollerprince, all the way to school. I did not break a sweat. I pushed them both one-handed. A full grown man and a toddler. Not a problem. So this is the one to get, if you want: just one stroller that will last you from birth to Kindergarten, a stroller made in the West, the most stable 3-wheeler out there (the only one I couldn't easily tip over on the SQ Obstacle Course), or just something top quality, and user friendly. In recent years, Mountain Buggy has gone a little more upscale. There is the Elite line (I featured the double as my June "Pick of the Month.) Then there is the Designer Line, with wonderful prints like the "50's" that you see here. And this year, they have introduced a brand new model, this cute little Swift. For years, citizens of Strollerland have clamored for a "swivel wheel Breeze." The Breeze ( also featured on and yes, I do LOVE Mountain Buggies!) was the long-time little brother of the Terrain, (and no I don't have a review posted of that, but it WAS the first MB I owned) which are the fixed wheel cousins of the Urban. Fixed wheels are better for more rugged terrain, and are popular in Europe and other countries. But they haven't caught on as well in the US. So now, we can rejoice, in the new and improved "SWIFT!" It comes with a cupholder and removable back pouch. I would categorize the Swift as "mid-range", in line with the Toro, Bugaboo Bee, Peg Perego P3, or Inglesina Zippy. All of these weigh around 20 pounds, but the Swift will be the most rugged. Like the aforementioned (except for the Bee, unless you balance it precariously), it will stand alone folded. And the fold is easy, you just unlock the left latch, (this is a newly mandated safety feature) and pull up on the two side latches. That's it! The recline is infinite, done by loosening or tightening a back strap. The basket is a pretty good size, especially for such a compact 3-wheeler. The canopy has a viewing window and a roll-up flap. It is kind of open at the sides and back, for better air circulation. The sun canopy and storm cover are great optional accessories. Mountain Buggy also has a footmuff, or you can get the very versatile Lillebaby Eurotote. Green for St. Patrick's Day, of course! can be used as a Moses basket, play blanket, and footmuff, among other uses. The length can be buttoned up for a smaller baby,or unbuttoned to fit even that aforementioned Kindergartener! You can even unzip the bottom flap for bigger feet/muddy shoes. The Eurotote has thick, cotton flannel padding. But if it gets too warm, you can unzip the top part, and zip in the net top. Ingenious!

The Swift has the same great rock-solid feeling as it's big sister, the Urban. But the smaller size makes it great for travel, especially if you are going somewhere with cobblestones or broken roads. Great to keep in mind for your upcoming summer adventures!

Urban: Swift:
Weight: 24.5 pds. 21.5 pds.
Width, front: 27" 25"
(3 inches narrower without hubcaps)

Length: 36.5" 32.5"
Handle Height: 31"44" 31"-42"
Seat Back: 20" 20"
Seat to Canopy: 23" 23"
Seat Depth: 8.5" 8.5"
Seat Width: 14" 12"
Drop to Footrest:10" 8"
Ground to Seat: 20"-22" 18"-22"
Folded: 12 x 27 x 40 12x25x37