Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Chariot Cougar Review

Chariots of Fire
 Halloween night, of course, requires a different stroller than one used for the preps leading up to it. The perfect choice--my Chariot of Fire. What a "scream"!
 Reflective and orange and black, decorated with mini Jack-o-Lanterns. Positively "spooky" how it matches this "haunted house"!
  In the dark of night, you wouldn't want to be "tricked" going over an unseen crack, and have all your "treats" go flying. After all, they were hard earned by this mini UPS man. And we all know how "magic" he is to StrollerLand; especially when we are awaiting delivery of our newest stroller!
 These 20" air tires with suspension say "BOO" to tree roots, grass, cracks, mud, rocks...just about anything you might encounter that goes "bump" in the night.
 The back of the seat has an integrated helmet space, so your little "sorcerer's" head isn't pushed forward. And look at how "monstrously" big this seat is! It is going to come in very handy later, as you shall see. "Thrills" and "chills"!
 First, though, a little "trunk" or treating.
 Right now, I have the stroller wheels on the Cougar. They are made out of a "frightfully" hard rubber.

 But you can also attach a variety of "disguises", including a bike hitch, hiking harness, skis, or a jogging wheel! 
Great for running through a graveyard! And if you don't want that ghoul to grab it, you can store it in the back when you are not using it. Just attach it to the basket with the velcro buckles and straps.
And the jogging wheel's arms can be stored in the "click n store" brackets.
You can even store the strolling wheels, right on the chassis! 
And yet, they've thought of more! Suspension that adjusts to the weight of your littlest goblin.
And a quick, compact fold.
But this Cougar is fiercest on the roads.
It's no exaggeration to say that it has a "wicked"two fingered push. Whether the UPS man is running to a house, or riding inside!
 A really fabulous accessory is this top cargo rack. It is "spine-chillingly" brilliant! You know how you throw Halloween sweets and little pumpkins on the top of your stroller? 
Or sling jackets and bags and blankets on the canopy? Now, you have this "hair-raising" holder. No stooping down or digging in a basket like a "crypt keeper". It is so useful that it's "supernatural"! I would say this, alone, is reason to buy the Chariot. Although it's "spirited" performance is second to none.
I'm also knocked out by this "blood-curdling" covered back basket. You can hide a lot of candy in here.
 Close the cover, and brother and sister won't know it's there! "Sinister"!
 There is even a "ghoulishly" delightful net basket on the back for more storage.
And little net pockets on the inside of the seat for"gory goodies"!
So many places for my KitKats, yum!
 You can also get a handlebar console, with bottle holders, a zippered pocket,  and an ear phone port. It attaches to the handlebar, but has a strap so you can use it for a diaper bag, too. Very accessible. "All the better to eat candy with, my dear"!
 There is a plethora of accessories to "dress up" your Chariot. They include a rain cover, travel bag, storage bag, cup holder, hydration cage, side fenders, jogging brake, and strobe light. With all these other strobes,we would gave blended right in!
 You can use the Cougar for a very young "sprite",  if you get the infant sling, baby bivy (like a carrycot) baby supporter, or bunting bag. But these are for strolling only. Jogging comes later, when your "goblin" has good head support and can sit up well. And biking is even later, when your "zombie" can wear a helmet. That's usually around a year.
 Chariot has several different "thrilling"models--the Side Carrier, Corsaire XL, Cabriolet, Cougar, and CX.
The Cougar has side air vents, and tinted windows. And you can roll down the front weather covers to make it like a "cloak of midnight." There are three--a bug net, rain cover, and canopy top.

 The UPS man had a "ghostly" long night. Fortunately, the Cougar seat is "fearfully" padded. 
 And, he's out! Amazon "package" and all!
The cockpit is huge, and will hold a "vampire"up to 75 pounds. It comes in a double, too. Color choices are "pumpkin" orange," blood" red, and "gruesome" green.

 The seat doesn't recline exactly, but StrollerPrince 2.0 is "resting in peace."

Chariot Cougar 1
Weight: 29 lbs. (with cargo rack, handlebar, rear tires, and stroller wheels)
Seat back:  24"                       
Seat Width:  15"                              
Seat Depth:  8"                            
Drop to footrest: 12"                     
Seat to ground: 12"                     
Length: 39"                                  
Width: 26"                                     
Height: 37"-42"                                 
Folded: 42" x 24" x 12"                                      

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cybex Ruby Review

If you have smaller children, and you probably do because you are reading this, you know that Halloween has become BUSY. There are so many preparations involved, that it is becoming like the scary Christmas. Scarecrow and ghost and witch making, card buying and sending, party planning, decorations, haunted houses, cookie and cupcake baking, and costumes. The dreaded costumes. If you have a teen-age girl, you know what I mean. This year we had to go to five, yes, five different Halloween stores to find StrollerPrincess her perfect outfit. It was a lucky thing I had my new Ruby Cybex in Twilight to navigate the animated aisles.
It was also handy on our pre-Halloween visits. Yeah, see, I'm not kidding that it has become the spooky Christmas. 
 The stellar thing about the 2012 Ruby is, as you can see, this amazing canopy.
You would be  hard-pressed to find a stroller this small and light, with this kind of coverage.
 It can ratchet forward
Slide up and down for more headroom,
And unzip for even more coverage!
Cybex calls it the "Super canopy." StrollerPrince 2.0 calls it his hide-out.
It is a great stroller for big kids, since the canopy height gives you an astonishing 30" of headroom!
It has squishy foam handles, which, at 42" tall, also makes it terrific for tall parents.
The side mesh keeps your child from sweating to death in the summer,and is easy to clean.
But the seat is still decently padded for comfort.
There is a carry strap in the back, so you can sling it over your shoulder.
Has a great little cup holder, that you can purchase separately.
It has an easy fold,
and an automatic lock to keep it closed.
Then it folds down into a nice little umbrella, so you have lots more room in your car for all that candy you have to go buy. 

Weight: 12 pounds
Width: 19.75"
Length: 23.5"
Height: 42"
Seat Width: 13"
Seat Depth: 9"
Seat Back: 21"
Seat to Canopy: 30"
Drop to Footrest: 9"
Seat to Floor: 13"
Folded: 41" x 12" x  14.5" (rear to front) 

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