Friday, October 26, 2012

Spook-tacular Stroller Giveaway!

So big it's frightening! No tricks, just treats! Need a car seat? A stroller? Both? Then check out this bewitching Britax Boulevard giveaway! AND, because this is Strollerland, we've worked a little magic of our own. Loyal Citizens, you can also win a FREE BRITAX stroller! AND, best of all, YOU choose it! The color, the model, it's yours! Keep reading to find out the enchanting details:

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A little Valco recall

A lot of people become unnecessarily alarmed whenever the CPSC recalls a baby product. In most cases, the issues are minor, and many times they could be prevented by a little caution. Not always though. Some are truly serious, and hazardous. But they are all lumped together, which causes consumers a lot of confusion. 

So rather than just posting an alarming press release, we went directly to the source for an explanation. This recall involves the add-on toddler seat for the Tri-Mode and Zee, single and double. No injuries have been reported.

 National Sales Manager Shalom New explained it to SQ: "It is the spring loaded button that pops into the stroller housing to secure the seat to the stroller. It was limited to a few batches. They were tested and compliant to 65lbs of weight but in use started to pop out. We are replacing those buttons with new stronger buttons that can withstand even more weight."

And here is the "official" Valco response: