Thursday, May 8, 2014


 As I was driving to pick up my daughter from school today, a kid sailed past me on his skateboard. And this was sitting on the front of it.

But not for long. The kid picked him up and threw him at me, and kept skating along. So "Gilbert" got into the passenger seat.

Hee hee, I thought it would be fun to take him to my DD's school. And it was. When the kids saw him, they jumped and screamed. "Wicked intense", said one boy. "Yeah, I'm sitting in the back", said DD.

Now she thought she would have some fun with her brothers. She asked if they wanted to see Gilbert. "Who is Gibert, a zombie?" asks SP 2.0. Where he gets this, I don't know. But he was gleeful that he was correct, or, well, nearly. A ghoul is close enough, I guess.

He rushes outside to find "Gilbert". And here he is.

SP 2.0 was taken aback. He slammed the car door. But he didn't realize that his brother was right behind him, with his hand in the door.

"OPEN THE DOOR!!!!!!" came the blood curdling scream. And I do mean blood. Spurting out everywhere. More than I have seen since, well, when he was hit by the car.  Don't worry, I was cleaning and wrapping and applying pressure, instead of taking pictures.

Still debating on whether stitches are warranted. How does one ever know?

My reverie is interrupted by "Mom, get rid of Gilbert! He's cursed"!

And how was your day?

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