Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Seed Pli Review, the Exclusive U.S. Debut!

Seed Pli

 The Seed Pli is "spooktacular". It's one of the most completely original, uniquely designed stroller that I have pushed in a while. And while some of it's machinations make look "tricky", I assure you that it is such a "treat" to push that it is all worth it.

The Pli was designed by Danish dad Anders Berggreen. Like many other stunning creations, the Seed sprung from a need; a need to make a stroller that followed a form that was aesthetically pleasing with clean lines, and a function that was practical for parents on the go.  
It took several years of collaboration with engineers and designers to come up with an all in one pram, that could fold compactly and quickly for travel, that met all the safety standards, and that would last through several children (Anders has four!)

 Now some people thought that Anders bit off more than he could chew.
But clearly, he just kept calm and carried on.
Until the "spine-tingling" Seed rolled off the assembly line.
The final product is magical. Presto chango, it can transform.
From a bassinette to a seat, by popping it out, and attaching these red tabs to the side.
Slide them off, push down the seat, and it becomes a bassinette again.
It's unearthly! There is a nice mattress pad that comes with it, too.
The canopy is frightfully well-made, with this net viewing window on top.
Haha! Scared ya'!
The seat just pops out to reverse, and the recline is done by pulling up these green levers. So easy it's bewitching. See? Now it's facing out.
The wheels are made of a hard rubber, that have been fierce on the StrollerQueen Obstacle Course.
 And over bumps in the night.
They move fast through graveyards, too. 
The handle is screamingly height adjustable.
On an enchanting magnesium frame.
And underneath, you can get the removable shopping basket, to hold all of your spooky goodies,
   and Jack-o-Lanterns.

It even zips up

 so you can hide your stuff from those giant spiders.
All of the Seed's materials are wicked recyclable. Code numbers are assigned to all plastic parts, as is customary in the automotive industry, for example. This ensures that they can be recycled properly in an environmentally friendly manner.
A spectacular thing, which was verified by various ghouls and goblins, is that you can still push the Seed with two fingers, with a 40-pound pumpkin in it. Further, the Seed is so hauntingly well engineered that you can not even feel the difference if the aforementioned pumpkin is in it, or if the seat is empty. Shocking!
If your car trunk, or boot, or cargo space is full of all this deathly detritus, fear not. The wheels of the Seed fold INWARD. You don't have to remove them. They just fold on top of the frame. Meaning the package is just ghostly compact.
And here's some thrilling news! Seed has kindly put together these chilling packages for Strollerland! Certainly better for your teeth than all that candy you're still eating. :)
 Weight: 30 pounds (seat and chassis)
 Seat Back: 23"    
 Seat to canopy:  26"
 Seat Width: 13"
 Seat Depth: 9"
 Seat to ground: 17.5"
 Length:  33"
 Width:  22.5"
 Height: 35"-40"
 Folded" 15" 32"x 23"

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