Thursday, September 12, 2013

Throwback Thursday! Joovy Caboose UltraLight, Joovy Groove, Joovy Groove 2

Groovy Joovys!

It's kind of amazing that as saturated as the stroller market is these days, there is still a dearth of lightweight doubles. It is probably the number one desperate question we get asked here in Strollerland, "Strollerqueen, PLEASE help me find a double for my car!" Rob Gardner of the long-awaited Joovy line has some solutions with two of his newest models, the Groove 2 and the Caboose Ultra light. The Caboose has been around for in various incarnations for a while. But this latest version has some great improvements. the wheels have ball bearings for greater maneuverability, the canopy extends over both the main seat and the jump seat, and both seats have reflective harnesses. Great news for parents of runners!

The rear standing platform is a good size for smaller toddlers, too. The fold is super easy, just pull up the two side latches. There is a side lock to keep it closed. There is a front snack tray, and a back removable neoprene parent cupholder. The front seat has an extendable leg rest, and a small net pocket on the back of the seat. The recline is slight, though, or there would be no room for the rear seat rider. It is car seat compatible with most major brands. Comes in orange, black, and sage. Best of all is the weight, just 22 pounds!

The Groove 2 is a more traditional side by side umbrella stroller. It has a fairly deep recline, and separate canopies. It comes with matching head-huggers, and reversible seat pads--fleece for the

winter, and cotton for the summer. 

I really like the three handles. I used it to push the Groove 2 one-handed on the SQ Obstacle Course, for about two blocks. Quite respectable. They are made of a squsihy foam that is really easy on the hands, too. The back canopy has net bottle pockets, peek-a-boo windows, and large zippered pockets. There is also a latch to lock the stroller shut. Comes in blue or green.
The Groove is very similar in form and function to the Groove 2. Except, of course, that it is the singleton of the group here. Both have the great canopies with sun visors and pockets. Both have reversible seat liners, and decent r 

and decent reclines. But the Groove has an extendable leg rest. It also comes with an additional, really cool feature.ANOTHER seat fabric and canopy in black! So you can change the look as it suits you, or switch out the skins for washing, or mix and match...and where do you put them? Voila! In their own canvas hanging bag of course! The bag is zippered, with net organizing pockets inside. That's a raincover in the bottom, too!   The Groove has a side carry handle, and a good sized basket. You recline it by pushing up the two side levers, and sliding them back. Comes in green, blue, or pink.
To fold it, you pull up the red knob in the middle, then push down on the red latch on the right side.. Although I would characerize these as "car" or "indoor" strollers, all three performed well on the SQ Obstacle Course, and on the grass and gravel paths you see here. Very versatile!
Groove                        Groove 2                  Caboose Ultralight
Weight:  16 pds.               30 pds.                  22.5 pds.    

Width:  19.5"                     29"                        21"

Length:  26"                      25"                        32"

Seat Width:  14"               11.5"                      12" (both)

Seat Depth:  7"-15"            7"                          8" (front) 9.5" (rear)

Seat Back:   19"                19"                         16" (front only)

Seat to canopy:  26"         26"                          25.5" (front) 23" (rear)

Drop to footrest:  10"          9"                          6" (front) 9" rear

Handle height:      42"        42"                          41"

Folded:  14" x 12" x 42"     20" x 11" x 42"       11" x 21" x 42"
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