Friday, September 13, 2013

Flashback Friday, Mutsy Spider Review

Mutsy Spider
In honor of our country's birth 230 years ago, here is MY 200th, the MUTSY SPIDER! WHOO HOO! How many years have I been waiting for this to cross the pond? I am so glad I wasn't disappointed, and it was worth the wait! The Mutsy Spider is the latest of the new look, cutting edge strollers to hit our fair shores. As you can see, the rear wheels are widely spaced. The good news is that this makes it very stable; non tippy. The bad news is that they are prone to getting hung up in tight spaces. The basket is on the small side, but I have gained space with a red Skip Hop Duo, to keep the blue and white Dutch stroller USA patriotic. The wheels are made of a lovely rubber material. No cheap plastic here! Performed very well on the SQ Obstacle Course, gliding over grass, cracks, and bumps. It is very enjoyable to push, very quiet, no rattles! The handle is height adjustable, with a comfortable foam covering, which makes it a good choice for short or tall people. It is a cinch to fold. Underneath the seat there is a lever that you pull out. Then there is another handle that you pull up. That's it, it folds in half. Very user friendly, takes about 2 seconds. Makes a nice little package.The Spider has an adjustable footrest, and it reclines to about halfway. There is a lot of headroom in this one. And the seat is very wide, wide enough for me to take a rest. Even my overtired DD hopped a ride when she was having a meltdown at Home Depot. Gotta' love it! Happy 4th of July, and I wish you lots of fireworks!
Weight: 21 pounds
Width: 26.5"
Length: 28"
Seat back: 19"
Seat to canopy: 23"
Seat width: 14" top-16" bottom
Seat depth: 10"-15", footrest extended
Drop to footrest: 8.5"
Folded: 25" x 18" x 19"
Handle height: 35.5"-41"
Wheel size: 7" rear, 5" front

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