Saturday, September 14, 2013

Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight stroller review

First Day of K

The first time I really started paying attention to tandem stand-on strollers was when the original StrollerPrincess started Kindergarten.  They seemed to be the stroller of choice at the time. "I want  one! I want to ride in that!" she would exclaim, as she saw her BFF Vera Wang (yes, that really was her name), and her little brother roll up.

But what was on the market at the time was crap. And I didn't want to push one.
So I was really happy when Rob Gardner started Joovy, and came out with his vastly improved version.

I particularly liked the Ultralight. Because it was, well, ultra light. And the push was superior.

Rob told me that sealed ball bearings in the wheels were the secret, as well as suspension in all the wheels.

Revolutionary at the time.

Since then, he's gone on to Millions? I have no idea. But a bunch, anyway. It's easy to see why they are so popular.

Aside from the aforementioned features, the nice wide platform in the back allows children to stand,

and the rear bench seat allows them to sit.

And now, for children that are too young to do either, there is another seat you can clip on to the rear, hence the "Too" in the name.

  Wait, what?


Yep, now there's an actual, second seat that attaches to the rear bench seat.

No kidding!

The canopy covers both the front and rear riders.

And you can even purchase the "Too" seat separately, if you are fortunate enough to already have an Ultralight.

If you *don't* have one, here's what you're missing.

A front snack tray,
And adjustable leg rest, for younger children,
A front seat that reclines to three positions (but it can't go too far back, or there wouldn't be room for the rear rider. Which is why some people use car seats in the front when their babies are very young.)

I really like this parent pack. It stays on really tight, so drinks are less likely to spill. And I can put my phone and keys in the zippered compartment.

Another cool thing is that the rear seat slides forward or backwards, depending on whether your child wants to sit, or stand (yes, those adorable shoes are Pedipeds!)

The basket is a pretty good size, and has pockets outside to help you stay organized.
The Caboose is easy to fold, done by pulling up two side levers. You can latch it, too.

 I had wondered how long I would see kids riding in strollers in my neighborhood. And apparently, Kindergarten is still fair game.

Well, why not. This is a walking neighborhood, and Kindergartners do get tired after a long day at school.

And with a weight limit of 45 pounds, and a height limit of 44" rear, SP 2.0 still has awhile before he outgrows it. Sometimes when I pick him up from school, he even sits in the front seat, depending on his mood. Yesterday he told me "I LOVE this stroller, Mommy. It's my favorite!"

So even though it's too late for the StrollerPrincess, and the StrollerPrince, it's still "Caboose" time for StrollerPrince 2.0!

 And therefore, his stroller of choice for the first day of Kindergarten, was the Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight, in all it's purple glory.

 Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight

Weight:  22.5 pds.      

Width:  21"

Length:  32"

Seat Width: 12" (both)

Seat Depth:  9"-15.5" (front) 9.5" (rear)

Seat Back: 18.5" (front) 17" (rear)

Seat to canopy:  27" (front) 24" (rear)

Drop to footrest:  7" (front) 9" rear

Handle height:  41"

Folded:  11" x 21" x 42"


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