Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Cologne Baby Show

Of course, many of the new strollers rolling out at the Kind & Jugend show in Germany won't be crossing this side of the pond. But these likely will. Check out the new print by Cybex. Makes me really want to go to Hawaii. Or drink a Pina Colada.

CYBEX's photo.CYBEX's photo.

They are very clear who they are marketing to.. "The new social class...that lives by the code of "Dress like JFK, speak like Hemingway, work like Ralph Lauren, party like Gatsby."

CYBEX's photo.CYBEX's photo.

Cybex said "Four key cities are leading the charge to change the status quo. " The HQ's of Uppa Baby is not located in one of those hipster cities. Having known them since Uppa began, I can pretty much assure you that they would be nonplussed by that information. They are sticking to the formula that has brought them tremendous success.

So in Cologne, we saw some subtle tweaking to their fashions--tan leatherette handlebars and bumper bars for the Vista and Cruz, and some subtle color changes.

Red is now burgundy, green is more forest-y, and grey is lighter. I am very excited to see what else they might unveil at the upcoming ABC Kid's Expo, here in the U.S.

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