Thursday, September 22, 2016

Cologne Baby Show

Today, lets take a look at companies who were in the U.S., but are no longer, but hopefully will return. Good sellers in Europe, but this country can be a tough nut to crack. First up, in collaboration with Justine, let's take a look at Easy Walker. I had several of their models. Loved the colors, huge seat, and glide-ability. This is the 2017 Mosey+. Shown at Kind & Jugend. Comes in steel blue, moss green, and charcoal.

 It has a large basket with an easy entrance,

 A four-position footrest, and the rapidly becoming ubiquitous leatherette bumper and handle bar
 And a lovely carrycot! Now these have always been a hard sell in the U.S. Because most people leave their babies in infant car seats. Which you shouldn't. Don't.
The single to double Harvey:


To reiterate, these are not sold in the US right now, but perhaps you can twist the arm of a European store, or maybe you have a friend abroad, or maybe you can incentivize a trip abroad...

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