Monday, September 19, 2016

Cologne Baby Show

Lots of new strollers unveiled at the Cologne Baby Show, which may or may not make it this side of the pond. In collaboration with Justine of, lets take a look at the new...Baby Jogger!

 The Baby Jogger City Tour had it's official launch at the Kind & Jugen show. It will come in violet, juniper, onyx, cobalt, and garnet. It folds down into a little storage bag, which is included. Like the Nano and Zen, the idea is that you will be able to take it on the plane with you. It's not newborn friendly, though. It's recommended for six months and up. Optional accessories include cupholder, raincover, and belly bar. Retail in the U.S. is $199.

Speaking of cobalt, this is their new, bright blue color.
We'll certainly see more of this next month at the ABC Kid's Expo in Las Vegas.

Also unveiled at the show was the new Baby Jogger City select Lux, which boasts over 20 configurations, and a 30 per cent smaller fold than the prior model.

There is a hard plastic jump seat that attaches over the basket, rear facing, and a platform between the wheels that acts as a footrest. You can forward or rear face the front seat, but the jump seat is parent facing. It is meant for an older child, but does have a harness.

This replaces the second seat, so you still have to use the glider board if you want to carry three children. You will also have to remove a second seat to fold it. Other new additions include a shopping tote, suspension on all four wheels, and a jogging-style brake on the handlebar. Colors will be very subdued; port, taupe, graphite, and slate.

Stay tuned for our next installment of new strollers in Cologne!

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