Friday, January 31, 2014

Flashack Friday, Baby Planet Solo Sport stroller

Baby Planet: Solo Sport Stroller
Umbrella strollers are no doubt one of the most popular types of strollers, due to their easy folds and lighter weights. But what can you do to make yours different, to set it apart from the pack? How about making it just more beautiful than the rest? That's what Pete Myers, co-founder of the eco friendly new company, Baby Planet. did. And that's why I gave it the "Most beautiful" award, in the 2007 Big Stroller Roll-Out! Look at the cobalt blue frame; STUNNING! And look at the graceful curved lines. 

But it's practical, too. As you can see, the basket is HUGE. Much bigger than most umbrella strollers. And the hard cupholder that comes with actually stays attached! There's a rain/sun visor that can be pushed back, padded shoulder straps, a self-locking latch, and window in the canopy. The recline is pretty decent, the seat is well-padded, and there's an extendable leg rest, which makes it a good choice for a younger baby. The company says it's suitable for 3 months, up to 55 pounds. Quite a span! The handles are foam, at a very comfy angle to push, for tall or short people. The fold is pretty typical umbrella, kick down on the side latch, kick up on the bottom middle one. The front wheels do protrude a bit, because of the curved frame. 
Check out their website for an interesting travel system, and a double that's different. Coming soon: "Endangered animal print" strollers!
Weight:                    16.5 pds.
Width:                      18.5"
Length:                    29"
Seat to canopy:     24"
Seat back:               18"
Seat width:              12"
Seat Depth:             11" to 15"
Drop to footrest:    10"
Folded:                     10.5" x 10.5"  x 41"

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