Thursday, January 30, 2014

Throwback Thursday, Teutonia T-100

My Teutonia Valentine
He scrambled quickly into the stroller, crying.  It was his first Valentine's Dance. Well, it was actually his big sister's dance, and he had tagged along. I expected a little shyness, a little nervousness. He was only two. But tears? "What's the matter?" I asked. Between sobs, he said  "I'm a-sceered a' that Jungle girl!" "Amber?" I said, pointing. "Yes", he sniffled, "That JUNGLE girl!" 
It took all I had not to bust out laughing. What I saw was a cute little pig-tailed blond girl with her face painted. What Strollerprince saw was, well, a scary Jungle girl . I kept this story in mind as I took SP 2.0 to HIS first Valentine's dance. Now he was tagging along with his big brother--the boy who once liked to hide in his stroller. Now the center of attention, as he is an excellent break-dancer. Not knowing how SP 2.0 would react, I wanted to bring a stroller that HE could hide in. One with a big full canopy, and padded sides. One that made him feel safe. To complicate matters, it was raining. So it must be one with adequate weather protection. And it must have a big basket to carry our jackets and umbrellas. And of course, it had to match the occasion. What could be better, than the Teutonia T-100, known as the "Fun System" in Europe?

And what a fun stroller it is! I chose the splashy pink flowers for my little cupid. But, there are loads of other fabrics you can choose to change the look, including these blue florals:  And as you can see, there are lots of accessories to choose from. In the US, it comes with a raincover, but you can add on a footmuff, carrycot, changing bag, mosquito net, or hand muff. Yes, a muff that attaches to the stroller handle, to keep your hands warm in cold weather, lol! If you want to be more conservative, you could choose any coordinating solid color, and add a colorful seat pad:
You also choose one of two wheel styles, and one of three chassis'. The 100 chassis is the lightest and narrowest of the three. It weighs 19.5 pounds, (with a 10.5 pd. seat) which puts it in the mid-range category of others in it's class. But at 21", it is the narrowest in it's class, so it was very easy to zip around the crowded dance floor.It is also packed, and I mean PACKED, with more features than any stroller of this type. It has a height adjustable handle,with a 16" range! There's a legrest  that extends out 9", and up and down, big basket, and napper bar. 
Each of the wheels has suspension and sealed ball bearings for better maneuvarability, and "hollow air chamber"  tires. These custom, made-to-order strollers also feature a 3-year warranty, one of the longest in the industry!

There is also a large peek-a-boo window covered by a flap,
and a large pocket on the back of the canopy. Best of all, the entire back of the canopy can unzip, to reveal a full netting for warm days. Gotta' love how user friendly it is, too. SO easy to reverse the seat. And to fold it, you just lift up the side triggers, and it collapses. And, it folds in ONE PIECE, even if it's facing you! How did SP 2.0 fare at the dance? Well, being his usual jovial self, he didn't need to hide. And he enjoyed immensely "dancing" with lots of charming little girls. However, I can't say he was as pleased with his role as cupid.

Teutonia T-100
Weight:  30 pds. (chassis 19.5, seat 10.5)
Width:  21.5"
Length: 28"
Handle Height: 28-44"
Seat Back:  17.5"
Seat to Canopy:  21"
Seat Depth: 9"-18" (footrest extended)
Seat Width: 12."
Drop to Footrest: 10"
Ground to Seat:  19"
Folded: 35 x 17x 21

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