Friday, January 31, 2014

Flashback Friday, Valco Buggster!

Valco Buggster!
If the Quinny Zapp is like a cooler Mac, then the Valco Buggster is a hipper P3.

Even though it only weighs one pound more than the Zapp--17 vs. 16, it is a much more full-featured stroller. To begin with, it has a fairly deep recline. Next, it is not at all tippy--again, think Mac vs. Peg. And, it comes with all the accessories--one of the first to start this trend for 2007. It has a boot, seat pad, front bar, sun mesh cover, and rain cover.  
True, it doesn't have the same one-handed steering as the Zapp, (again, think P3 and Mac), but it is pretty darn good. It has the same chunky wheels as the Zapp, which means it does surprisingly well outdoors. It folds bigger than the Zapp, but much less bulky than the P3. You can pop off the front wheel to make it fold even flatter.         
The measurements are surprisingly similar to the Zapp. I am comparing them because, well, it is a logical comparison, lol! A lot of people are considering the Buggster as a more substantial, feature-rich Zapp. And they are right. 
Buggster                                                         Zapp
Seat bottom to canopy bottom:      24"            24"
Seat back:                                         21"            19.5"
Seat width:                                        17"            15"
Seat depth:                                         9"             8.5"
Drop to Footrest                                12"           12"
Overall Width                                     23.5"        23.5"
Overall Length                                   36"           30"
Weight                                                17 pds.    16 pds.
As you can see from the measurements, the seat is very tall and wide, the biggest I have seen on a lightweight stroller. My children actually pushed ME around in it! This is truly one stroller that will take you from infancy to pre-school years. The basket is fairly accessible, and holds quite a bit. I took it to a carnival when it was raining on and off. I had three children with me; their jackets, umbrellas, teddy bears, balloons, dolls, and a giant inflatable sword they won, bags of cookies they didn't eat, even plastic bags of water and swimming goldfish, lol!
The seat and canopy are made of a nice canvas material. The seat pad is reversible, with canvas on one side, and a breathable mesh on the other. The handles are a hard rubber with finger grips on them. The canopy has a peek-a-boo mesh window on top, and a flip down visor; great touch for really sunny days. 
And the accessories make it an all-weather stroller. Finally, it's strength, stability, and fairly compact fold makes it a travel, shopping, basically a do-everything stroller! (Well, OK, maybe not great in the snow or sand, although I haven't tried it there yet!) It is in stores now.

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