Thursday, October 10, 2013

Throwback Thursday, Joovy Ergo Caboose, Zoom, Ultralight, Kooper, Room 2

JOOVY 2008 (from the BIG Stroller Roll-Out!)
Rob Gardner of Joovy fervently believes you can always build a better mousetrap. Or in this case, a better Caboose. That's what he thought when he recreated the first model, that launched his line, and that's what he did here, on Caboose #4, the 'Ergo"!Yes, he has four now. FOUR! The regular, the Ultralight, the triple, and now this, the ultimate yet. The Pie`ce de Re'sistance! The" Ergo!"  Who else could make a Sit-n-Stand so elegant? And so, we Royally award Rob Gardner the "Most Ingenious" of the Show. To begin with, it has an ergonomically engineered front seat. And a swing away front tray with removable cup holders.
Then there's the wheels, can we talk wheels? The sealed bearings certainly made all the difference in the "Ultralight", and these are even better. And the rear wheels are quick release, and pneumatic (with an air pump.) And we all know what a difference big air tires make!
Then there is this fabulous, huge canopy, big basket, and side handles.

You can also get a raincover for the "Ergo".
Or travel bag, to protect it when flying, taking the train or car, or just for storage.

There's a big foot step for your older rider, and a flip open rear seat.

And since this is the year for customization, you can even choose your own color seat covers and canopy!

The" Ergo Caboose" is not the only thing Rob has been hard at work at. The long-awaited "Kooper" is finally ready to go, joining Joovy's popular umbrella strollers--the "Groove" and "Groove 2".
This is Joovy's version of the well-known "Zapp" and "Buggster". It has a nice recline,
padded shoulder straps, a reflective harness, and inside mesh pockets for bottles or toys.
The "Kooper" has a one-handed quick recline.
And, like the Grooves, a big back zippered pocket, and two drink holders. (Yes, they work; they really do!)
The "Kooper" will come in red, yellow, and black, the same color as the new Joovy playpens, the "Room2."
The other model that's ready for it's long-awaited release is the "Zoom".

It comes in two versions, one with a fixed front wheel, and the other with a swivel. Both come with an aluminum frame, quick release wheels with rear wheel suspension, a back pocket,tire pump, jogging leash, and parent organizer.
The" Zoom" has a very wide seat, and one of the longest drop to footrests I have ever seen, so very good for a taller child!
Like the "Bob", it has 16-inch rear wheels, 12" in front, a huge canopy, and easy fold. It also has inner side mesh pockets, and reflective harnesses. 

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