Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bugaboo, from the 2013 BIG Stroller Roll-Out!

Why should you buy the "2014 BIG Stroller Roll-Out?"

If you bought the 2013 Roll-Out, then you know about this. If you didn't, well then, you probably don't. Because StrollerQueen was the ONLY ONE who reported this! This is just one page from last year's Roll-Out. Make sure you buy the 2014, so you don't miss out! And BEST of all, it's on the low, low pre-sale price right now, of $5.99! That means you save more than 30 per cent!


Guess who's baaaack???
It's founder Eduard Zanen! Returning to Bugaboo after a 5-year absence! Wow wow wow, big news! Now how much of an official role he will play is yet to be determined. As sales have slipped, there are those who feel Bugaboo has been set adrift in choppy waters without a rudder. They would love to see the co-owner take the helm. Who better than Zanen , a sailor himself, to steer the ship ?  Welcome back.


There's no doubt Bugaboo is still coming up with some beautiful products. Here are some of their latest Special Editions.  First up is the Victor and Rolf, which is especially popular in Russia. Leather luxury all the way. With the luxury price of $1600 to match.

(This is a slideshow, which I can't replicate here. But you can see it the proper way on the Roll-Out!)

Then there is the upscale, tasteful "Sahara", which comes with the cable knit blanket. It will be out in November, at $1149.

(There is another slideshow here.)

Here's the fun and funky "Neon", for $1,059.

(This is slideshow #3. Most of the pages have several, and videos, too.)

These are on the Cameleon 3, the latest generation. It has a swivel carry handle, and a better fold. The sweet and helpful Kim Lawson demonstrates. (This video has been private, on YouTube. Which means nobody but the Roll-Out buyers could view it.)

In addition to the Special Editions, it comes in a variety of colors including tan, pink, black, orange, off white, red, royal blue, sand, petrol blue.

(This is slideshow #4. )

There's a new high-performance footmuff for $189.95.
This is the new off-white Bee.
My pal Genius Jones is discussing the Donkey.
It's quite an eye-catching option for twins or closely spaced siblings.

(Slide-show #5. You see how much is packed into this ONE page? And remember, there are close to 40!)

But many have complained of the huge, bulky fold. So Bugaboo is introducing the compact Donkey fold. (Here comes video #2.)

Here's a comparison of the old and new Donkey fold. (Video #3.)

I hope Genius approves!

So in summation: News you can find nowhere else, 29 pictures, 5 slideshows,  3 videos, and my commentary. One just ONE page! THIS is why you should buy the 2014 BIG Stroller Roll-Out!

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