Saturday, October 12, 2013

Maxi Cosi Kaia Review

 Maxi Cosi Kaia Stroller
  Do you remember my review of the Maxi Cosi Mila three years ago? It was one of my funner reviews, and all the unique features of the Mila made me really like it.

Well now, it is baaaack, rebranded as the Kaia.

And I still like it. In fact, revisiting it after all this time has made me appreciate it all the more. Why? Well, to begin with, look how sharp it is. LOVE this red frame, with the black accents. The wheels are really great.

 For a smaller umbrella stroller, they allow for a pretty good outdoor performance. In fact, as far as smaller umbrella strollers go, I would put it at least in the top 3. 

That's why I chose to take it to "Glow", an outdoor, nighttime art festival. It was super crowded, so even though I would have liked huge air tires for the beach parts, there was no way a stroller that big could have made it.

So I just left the Kaia on the edge of the boardwalk for those exhibits. It stands folding, so it was just perfect.

 Another nice feature is the big basket. For an umbrella stroller, it holds a lot.
And then there's the stability. Did you notice how loaded down the Mila was?

The Kaia can hold the same, without tipping. I used it this past week-end at my DD's Irish Dance tournament. I was so happy to discover that the Kaia could do the same. It  was loaded down with a Feis bucket,  dress, shoe bag, wig and cosmetic bags, and various and sundry other necessary ingredients for a champ. And no crashing backwards!
We've been using it to walk to school every day, and it have really been enjoying it.

Take another look at the wheels. See how well made they are?

The basket is not only big, but it is very accessible.

The cupholder on the Kaia actually works. It stays on, and doesn't tip.

And lookee! Here's a notch on the other side, in case you're a leftie!

Looks like Buddha approves!

The handles are ergonomically designed, so I was able to pushing it all the way to school and back, one-handed.

Speaking of design, the Kaia is so pretty, it's like a work of art.

 I guess that's why I feel compelled to take it, and it's predecessor the Mila, to artistic places.

  The canopy is pretty good. Not the biggest, but adequate.

The legrest is adjustable. Here it is up

Now down.

The brakes are interesting. Step on the red to stop, and the blue to release.

That round deal is a curb popper, by the way. You step on it to assist you in going up, and down them.

The recline is fine for napping, but not deep enough for a newborn.

To release it, pull this drawstring.

And now, for the piece d' resistance....the drop from the seat to the footrest. It is THIRTEEN inches! Now that may not seem long to you, but most drops that I measure are 8"-9". So four or five inches makes a HUGE difference when you have a long-legged child.

And now to fold the Kaia, just pull up, and kick down.

And it stands!

Buddha's happy, SP 2.0's happy, we're all happy. And I bet you will be, too, if you get a Maxi Cosi Kaia!

Maxi Cosi Kaia
Weight: 18 pounds
Seat Back: 19"
Seat to canopy: 23"
Seat Width:  12.5"
Seat Depth: 8"-12.5"
Drop to footrest: 13"
Seat to ground: 18"
Length: 27"
Width: 20.5"
Height: 41 "
Folded:  37"L x 13" W x12" H

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  1. I really like Kaia, but I wish the canopy would be larger. Also, the weight is a little to heavy for me to put over my shoulder. I think 1 lbs less would be helpful. Other than that, I love it! ~Susan