Thursday, August 29, 2013

ThrowBack Thursday-- Mia Moda Cielo and Libero

Mia Moda

Like Silver Cross, "Mia Moda" features an entirely new line-up, of a half a dozen different models. But Mia Moda doesn't have the pedigree of a century-old British icon. They are both made in China, but Mia Moda was conceived in Wyommising, PA, by Kevin Gallen. The line made it's inital debut at the "2007 BIG Stroller Roll-Out"! Their slogan is "My life, my way, my style", and they do try to cover all the bases. There's a reversible, a swivel 3-wheeler, a lightweight umbrella, and the two that I chose to review, the Libero and Cielo.

NBC came out to interview me last week, and everyone loved this model. We jokingly called it "The

007" stroller, because of the cool, "James Bondish" way it folds into a small suitcase. You can carry it by the top handle, or you can stuff it into it's own little matching carry bag. At 15 pounds, and a folded size of 11 x 10 x 18, it is very easy to carry. Move over, Zapp! There's a new little guy in town! I was impressed with this one at the Stroller Roll-out, and even more impressed once I actually used it. It did a lot better on the Strollerqueen Obstacle Course than I anticipated. Really, the wheels traversed all but the largest cracks and bumps.  It is not at all tippy. I tried a loaded Skip Hop on the back, while it was empty, and it remained stable. I also used the Carry You Pescara and Torino as drink holders. The space is narrow, so something like a Milan would be too long. The fold takes a little getting used to. You push in this top button, and then do a series of gyrations to bend it backwards onto itself. It also has a good sized basket on the back, that detaches if you want to just take it off when folding it, rather than emptying the contents.The round handle is a very modern look, although I wish it was padded with foam or something softer than hard plastic. It also has quite a bit of "play" in it when pushing, although this may have just been my model. The seat reclines with a back drawstring, similar to a Mac Triumph, or a little deeper. It's a pretty good size, (see entire measurements in table below), but the lack of much side support and legrest means this is better suited to an older baby, or toddler. The fabric is very good quality, and I love their little "Surfer Dude." This is a very good value for the price, and I highly recommend it.
Long time readers know that one of my favorite strollers of all time was the  Chicco 2002. I loved it because it was a full-featured umbrella, that you could actually push one-handed! And the push was very smooth, sort of "glide-like." These were my thoughts when I first used the Libero. I couldn't believe it, how could it steer so well? Much better than alll of the similar models currently on the market. My conclusion is that the key is the front, independently swivelling wheels. This is the design so popular now, in all the lookalikes spawned by the Bugaboo phenomenon. But it is popular because it is very effective.
The Libero comes with a matching boot, which is a nice touch. It reclines with a back lever, to about half-way down. But the canopy does not pull down very far, there is no snack tray, and no rear steps for an older rider. Ah, well, you truly can't have everything in one stroller, I guess! I was also hoping that Mia Moda could improve on the weight a little. At 20 pounds, it is the same as the P3. But I still feel that is heavy for an umbrella stroller.   There is a HUGE back canopy pocket, with a leather latch;  another nice little touch. And a peekaboo window in the top of the canopy. The fold is similar to the P3, too. Pull up on the trigger handles, then give the round handle at the top of the basket a good yank.Again, this particular style; i.e. a full-featured umbrella model  with a "3 D" fold has proved very popular and enduring, especially for first-time parents. It's a good choice if you are on the short side, since the handles only measures 38" from the ground, and they are not height adjustable. Gung Hay Fat Choy! (Did you see Buddha?)
Cielo:                                                     Libero:
Weight: 15 pds.                                      20 pds. 
length   25"                                            26.5"
width:  17.5"                                          21.5"
backrest: 17"                                         19"
seat to canopy:  22"                              24"
drop to footrest: 10.5"                           9"
seat width: 11"                                      11"
seat depth: 10"                                      9-15" w/ footrest ext.
folded: 11 x 10 x 18                               19 x 40 x 12
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  1. It's cool that the Cielo folds up like that - but I'm just not sold on the overall look. Something about the chair look it has...

  2. These are great! Strollers have really come a long way! Just like technology :)