Thursday, August 29, 2013

The ABC Adventure Buggy, by Phil and Ted's

It's ThrowBack Thursday Time!

Is it a Mountain Buggy? A Valco? No, it's an "ABC Everest Twin", courtesy of Phil and Ted.They are the Father/son team who founded "Phil and Ted's Most Excellent Buggy Company", home of the ever popular Kiwi E3. Yes, they are from New Zealand. Who else but the charming Kiwis could pull off a name like that? Anyway, Phil and Ted are no longer with Phil and Ted's. They now head up the "Adventure Buggy Company", or "ABC." They came up with the orignal "Explorer", in which a single buggy has a toddler seat added on behind it. Their latest idea, is to stick the toddler seat on TOP of the canopy. You have to use your imagination, since I only have the SBS, but take a look at this, and imagine your toddler sitting up top:

Now if you want to see what it REALLY looks like, go to  But, if the design is too funky for your tastes, you can still consider the side by side. It is well thought out, with built in saddlebags, a metal footplate, a front bar that swings out for easy access, and big nubby tires. There is a matching boot with zip-in raincover,Two back pockets that close with buckle straps, a basket that converts to a backpack, full recline, canopy window with a velcro flap, back windows with flaps; the amenities go on and on. One drawback is that it folds kinda' big. The frame is one-piece, so it folds flat, but long. Another drawback is that you have to get it from New Zealand. But hey, where else are you going to find a double camoflauge stroller this tough? ;) Ah, the lengths to which we will go...

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  1. I like the style. Not sure about the fabric though. Maybe a John Deere one would be awesome.

  2. That is one HUGE stroller! Have never seen anything like it!