Thursday, August 29, 2013

ThrowBack Thursday-- i'coo Pico 4

This is the i'coo Pico 4.  I chose these colors because I thought it completed the "cool" look. Seemed to match the hi-tech, shiny frame. The details are AMAZING, starting with the obvious shiny mudguards. It was an interesting design choice, because one usually associates the little fenders with prams. And this is clearly not a pram. In fact it is a great choice for someone who doesn't like the "jogger" look of 3-wheelers, nor the traditional look of a carriage, yet still needs something that can handle typical outdoor situations pretty well.

And this little Pico is the stroller that could! It did really well on all the situations I described above. But not because of the tires. They are not the air tires of joggers, nor the Evo ones of prams. They are some kind of rubber. But, it is the suspension that allows it to BOUNCE up and down stairs, up and across embankments, and over rocks and gravel. And the way you adjust the suspension is really interesting. You pull the handle all the way up, for optimum bounce. It is still at a comfortable height, though, so don't worry if you're short. In the pictures, the stoller looks kind of small, but it is deceptive. My 46", 45 pound 6 year old was very comfortable in it, as was my 38 pound 3 year old.

There are pockets everywhere, and don't we all LOVE the extra storage! Pockets on the inside of the seat, on the back of the seat, and on the back of the canopy. The basket is a really good size too.

But if you want more storage, get the amazing matching diaper backpack. A work of art in it's own accord! Loads of pockets and velcro and zippers and netting, just like on the stroller.
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  1. This is a cool looking stroller! And the suspension that makes the wheels bounce?? Sounds like one smooth ride for sure!