Saturday, June 15, 2013

Who's your favorite Daddy?

Happy Father's Day

Of course, my own Father was my favorite. He did his best to raise me as a single Dad. He was smart, kind, gracious, heroic, hard-working, honest to a fault, never raised his voice, and was always a gentleman.

And he adored his grandchildren!

So maybe that's why in TV land, I'm partial to single dad Burt Hummel.
Love the way he loves his son, no matter what, and respects his choices.
And defends him when others bully him.
And dances down the aisle when he finally gets married.
And in real life, Mike O' Malley goes to my church, and graciously took pictures with my DD when she 
Irish danced for him.
  Going further back, I loved Dr. Huxtable, AKA Bil Cosby.
The way he guided his goofball children with humor was genius.
Going further back, I loved single dad Andy taylor/Griffith.

His relationship with little Opie was just precious.

 He also reminded me a lot of my Dad, both in looks, and his genteel manner.
Who's your fave?

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