Saturday, June 15, 2013

Joovvy Groove Ultralight, Joovy VaryLight Caboose, Joovy Boob, Joovy Dood

 The Return of the Groovy Joovys

We were overjoyed to run into some more old friends whom we haven't seen for a while, the Gardners at Joovy! And boy oh boy, they've become a veritable baby empire! More about that later. But for now, let's take a look at their latest double stroller.

Building on the success of their popular "Caboose" series, this one's called the "VaryLight."
 Why another one, you ask? Well, wait until you see how this thing works. Here's Greg Gardner:

 Joovy's also managed another amazing engineering feat, by shaving 5 pounds off their popular umbrella stroller. Greg is going to kindly tell us how they did it.
 It's called the "Groove UltraLight."

 Baby Bottles are another new Joovy product. The join a long line, which includes helmets

and balance bikes, baby slings,

 pottys and step stools,


    travel cots, play yards, toy car seats, doll prams, and their latest,

 the Boob baby bottle!

 If your child is beyond the bottle stage, no worries. Joovy's also introducing a new sippy cup,
the Dood.

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  1. Such a wide range of products. The sippy cup is a little different looking.

  2. Can a child sit on the seat on the vary light if the front seat it fully reclined?