Sunday, June 16, 2013

Nuna Pipa Load Leg at PLUSH

Nuna is a brand new line to the US.

At the ABC Spring Show in Vegas, we took a look at the popular Leaf swaying seat
Which is actually made for a child. But the adult display model is oh so comfy.

We also saw the Pepp stroller, which we will be reviewing shortly.

So today at PLUSH, we're going to learn more about the Pipa infant car seat.
And just what the load leg does. Jonathan Daniell explains.

We make a bee-line to see our old friends at Babyhome.They were showing the latest accessories for the Emotion stroller.

 They include a bumper bar, canopy extender, cupholder, and car seat adapters.
 Buyers seemed pretty impressed with the line.
 Hey, whats not to love?
 Those accessories will be out shortly, by the way. And of course, we'll be taking a closer look when they reach our fair shores.
 I was eyeing this side rail this time around. There was a time when SP 2.0 kept falling out of the bed, and I really could have used it! Such a great idea.
 Our dear friend Stefano was also hard at work at Inglesina.
 He was showing the Trip and Swift umbrella strollers,
 the Fast table chair,
 and thank goodness, he brought along the gorgeous Classica pram! I always get so happy when I see it.
 It wasn't an easy sell, though. The trade show days of PLUSH were kind of dead. Things did pick up some on the consumer day, as you'll see in our next report.

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  1. I love the Leaf swaying seat. It really looks so comfy and just perfect! all these baby items are just perfect .

  2. That's pretty cool you can try out the baby product. I always thought my baby's chair and swing looked so cozy.

  3. LOVING the Nuna Pipa video. Such an awesome seat! Definitely my favorite right now.