Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Uppa Baby Cruz Stroller Review

Cruz into Mother's Day

For many moms, three things would make a Mother's Day perfect.  

   1.) Flowers.
  2.) Art made by our children.

3.) And an Uppa Baby Cruz. We were fortunate enough to get them all!
The Cruz has taken the Mom World by storm, because it has all the features we want.
It's reversible
Has a huge basket
A very easy to use center brake
A huge canopy with a pop-out sunshade
 And a mesh window on top.
There is a flat recline
 With an adjustable legrest
And you can get the Snug Seat from Uppa Baby, to make the seat more level for newborns.
  It's a wedge with a liner on top, to fill in this dip in the seat.

Weighing in at just 21.5 pounds, the Cruz is very light for a reversible.
 Yet it still manages to pull off a dinosaur-sized seat!


Which is as rare to find as a stegosaurus egg!
The Cruz is so user-friendly, it's out of this world.
To fold it, you pull up the triggers on the handle. 
  To reverse the seat, you just push in these two buttons, and it pops right off. You can leave it on when you fold, it, if you want to. But it has to be in the forward facing position.

It stays close when you fold it, with this automatic lock.
The handle on the Cruz goes up and down. Here is the low position.
And here is the high position.
Which means it's smooth sailing for an adult to push it,
Or a child.
The canopy comes in a rainbow of colors
But I think the Sydney is just perfect
For our spring, starrry nights.

And for those sudden showers,

A raincover is included!

  The wheels on the Cruz are made of a thick, hard rubber.
 But they are only 6-7", which makes it more of an indoor, light outdoor use stroller.
 It's not bad on sidewalks, though. The suspension surely helped it's performance on the SQ Obstacle Course.

 One more nice feature...the Cruz has a wonderful lever on the back of the seat to reline it. No drawstrings here!
Looking forward, soon the Cruz will have it's own bumper bar, snack tray, travel bag, and piggyback board!
Our friend Vaseta couldn't decide on what stroller to get for her newborn. When she saw the Cruz, she was enthralled.

Weight: 21.5 pds.
Width: 22"
Length: 30
Height: 40"-43"
Seat Width: 12"
Seat Back:  20.5"
Seat to Canopy: 24"
Seat Depth: 10"-17"
Drop to Footrest: 9"
Seat to Floor: 22"
Folded: 12" x 44" x 22"


  1. wow amazing! i love it strollerqueen!

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  3. I have the Cruz and to be honest, I don't like it. I doesn't handle well at all in outdoor conditions (uneven sidewalks, snow, rain etc.) It's essentially a costly indoor stroller. Wouldn't recommend.

  4. I find that I have had the same problem with my cruz. I have notice from the start the stroller had issues with pushing it not only outdoors but indoors as well. I was just out today indoors at a mall and had to put the stroller on back wheels to push it around. something is wrong with the front wheels and when weight is put in the bastket I let my husband push it because it is hard for me.
    I love the way it looks but am not happy with the way it drives.

  5. 5 years ago I had a Graco travel system and then a Maclaren Volo for my son. I sold them both. I made a list of requirements I wanted in a stroller for my next child, and the only stroller that met my criteria at the time was the Cruz. It was released right before my daughter was born. I've had it for a year, and it's almost the perfect stroller. My daughter used it from the time she was 3 days old on with the Snugseat and I actually tried it just recently with my 5 year old, who said he was too tired to walk anymore at the zoo. I've had no problem with the ride indoors or out. I use it in the mall, on paved trails, sidewalks, and occasionally grass on the way to the park (grass is where I have a bit of trouble, but it's still a better ride than any other stroller I've used). The breaks stopped working about 6 months in and the company sent me a new frame within a couple of days, no questions asked. I say it's almost perfect because at 21.5 lbs it's still a bit on the heavy side for me (I'm 5'3 and 100 lbs). I also would have liked if it included a snack tray and collapsed in the backward facing position. I'm picky about my stroller choices because my husband limits us to 2. So although I swore I'd choose a lightweight, reclining, umbrella by the time my daughter turned 6 months I'm afraid to take the plunge lest I choose wrong. For now the Cruz is pulling double duty for us. I'd like one more child and I will most likely use the Cruz again.

  6. Just got my brand new UB Cruz and wish I'd tried it sooner! Perfect stroller! AND they dont advertise it, but the rumbleseat DOES work on it, making it a super light, super narrow double if needed!! <3 my Cruz!