Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mamas and Papas Sport 03 Stroller Review

Summer Sport

Hey there, sporty Mamas and Papas! It's your time of year. Time to get out and enjoy the sunshine, with the new Mamas and Papas Sport.
 What a perfect summer buggy. You can have a ball with it at the beach, or on whatever adventures you prefer. 

 It has a robust front wheel, that can be locked into a fixed position, or unlocked to swivel.
And there's suspension all around! See the springs?
And look at those beefy rear tires. You can easily pop them off, so you can clean the sand and salt off them.
 The Sport has a front sun visor. It also comes with a separate rain cover, for those unexpected summer showers. And see how it does in the sea. It can really take you anywhere!
  There's a nice big pocket on the back of the canopy. And yay! The top flap closes with a silent magnet, rather than a riiiip sounding velcro.
 The handle is height adjustable, and starts with a low low 26"...
 Then extends to a high of 45"! WOW. That's nearly 20" height difference!
  Super easy to fold. Just one of these "pull up the triggers on the handle" deals.
And you can latch it on the side to keep it closed, on all of your travels.
 The basket is really easy to get into. And the width is a surprisingly narrow 23"! Which means you won't get stuck trying to maneuver through those amusement park crowds!
 Look how large the footplate is. No worries about little feet hanging down on the sides.
And no need to fear air tires! The Sport comes with it's own tire pump; concealed in this little pouch.
  The Sport is one of the few 3-wheelers with an adjustable legrest.
 And the nice deep recline means you can use it with a newborn.
 But the seat is also HUGE. Like big enough for an adult to sit in huge. And the seat has a breathable mesh padding, so it helps to keep you cool. It's the ideal beach chair on wheels, ahhhh...
Seat Back:   17"

Seat to canopy:   23"

Seat Width:   15"

Seat Depth:   1 9"-16"

Drop to footrest:   9.5"

Seat to ground:    18"

Length:   40"

Width:    23"

Height:   26"-45"

Folded:   40
"L x 23"W x 12"H

Weight:   28.5 pounds

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