Monday, May 7, 2012

Mutsy Evo Review

The Exclusive U.S, Debut of the Mighty Mutsy Evo!
 After testing out 337 strollers, I can unequivocally say that some push better than others. A lot. And some rise up into a category all their own--Stroller Nirvana. Some are just a joy to push. And when I get my hands on one, I am compelled to sing their praises. "Laaaaa!" Consider the praises sung to the brand new Mutsy Evo!

You HAVE to get your hands on one, and see for yourself. Just looking at online pictures will never do it justice. At the Cinco de Mayo Festival, Punch couldn't resist how easy it was to spin around, and he grabbed it out of my hands.
All kidding aside, the Mutsy Evo was absolutely brilliant on the StrollerQueen Obstacle Course. I could push it to school and back with my left hand, holding a cup of coffee in my right hand. I went up and down hills, over gravel, grass and cracks. No problem! It almost makes me take back my conviction that air tires are the best outdoors. Almost. But every rule has exceptions. And the Mutsy Evo tires are fantastic. Monica was so impressed she wanted to run with it, although it really is not a jogger:

It seems that a lot of stroller companies have been putting out "mid-weights" these days, to compliment their current lightweight and heavier models. Mutsy knocked it out of the park with the Evo. Here's proud Papa Stellario showing how to reverse and fold his new baby:
If you're wondering how comfy it was for SP 2.0, check this out. Sleeping like a, um, baby.
So if you're tired of all those turkey strollers
Don't be a sheep, or a llama! Buy the latest lightweight reversible in town,
for $399, and save on the bacon, too!
Weight: 26 pds.
Width: 24"
Length: 32"
Height: 20"-44.5"
Seat Width: 12"
Seat Back:  20"
Seat to Canopy: 21"
Seat Depth: 9"-16"
Drop to Footrest: 8"
Seat to Floor: 20"
Folded: 12" x 26" x 24"(chassis


  1. I have a Mutsy Evo and live in Stockholm, Sweden. I loooove it. BUT(!) the flat profile of the rear wheels collects snow and leafs (and we have plenty of both up here in the north) which makes it "slippery" to push in these conditions. And all the snow and leafs end up in the shopping basket which have to be vaccuumed serveral times a week. A bit unpractical.

    I have been bugging Mutsy for optional wheels with a rounder profile (they could also be a bit softer) for rougher weather. I would buy them in an instant! Take lessons from Bugaboo who sels all sorts for "additional" nick nacks to their strollers.

    Best regards

    1. ... They are coming out with air tyres for the Evo and Exo watch this space for all the new gadgets coming soon.....

      P.S. the Evo is my favourite easy push and fold pram!!

    2. Do you know, what time it happens? I would like to buy Evo, but i need it with air tyres...

    3. Do you kwow, what time it happens? I would like to buy Evo, but i need it with air tires.

    4. Do you know, when they are coming out with air tires?