Monday, May 7, 2012

Peg Perego Pliko 4 Review

Pliko 4 Knights

 What umbrella stroller has a full recline, plush seat, big canopy, big basket, napper bar, legrest, adjustable handles, fast fold, AND a back step for another rider?

 A Peg Perego Pliko, of course!
Just the perfect choice for the "Knights and Ladies" B-Day party.
 I've continuously had a Pliko in my stable since StrollerPrincess was born. And she is now--gulp--turning 14!
  They just keep getting better and better.
  The latest version--the Pliko Four-- has incredible maneuverability. 
It's all in the new wheels. Check them out. There's only two! So less chance to get stuck on cracks or hung up on corners.
They have ball bearings for smooth rolling, and suspension for absorbing bumps and jolts.
The other thing you have GOT to check out is this denim fabric! 
It is such high quality. Most of the hot new strollers out seemed to have skimped on  the fabrics. But not the "Made in Italy" Pliko 4. 
Hmm, wonder if not moving to China is why.
   Really, how many stroller fabrics have you seen lately that has this attention to detail?
A jean pocket covering the mesh peekaboo window? How cute is that!
   And the canopy coverage is so complete that you don't even need an extra rain, or sun cover.
Trying to get somewhere with two tired children and a single stroller can be as tough as slaying a dragon. 
 Unless, that single has a standing step. 
     So no need to bring along a separate rolling board. 
  And even carrying extra weight, it still pushes with ease.
  Piece of cake!
  The basket is so big, it even has enough room for swords and shields!
The front napper bar swings out to make it easier for you to lift your baby into the seat, or for a toddler to climb in themselves.

If I could Knight this stroller, I would.
 For your long-time service of excellence to the Kingdom of Strollerland, I dub thee, "Sir Pliko 4."
 When the party's over, the fold is quick and easy. 
 You just pull up on the triggers, that are on the telescoping handles.
  The chassis will unlatch. 
 And then you yank this handle. 
 Here's the original StrollerPrince's 10 year old buddy folding and unfolding the Pliko 4.

Weight:                             19 lbs. 
Seat to canopy:                24"

Seat back:                         20.5"

Seat width:                        12"

Seat depth:                        11-15.5"
Drop to footrest:               10"

Seat to ground:                 19"

Width                                  21"

Length:                               31"                                          

Height:                                41-43"

Folded:                               40"L x 14"W x 18"H


  1. Hi, I'm hoping you can help me - as I really need a new stroller, but don't have any Pliko 4s nearby to test drive. I had a 2006 Pliko that I loved and completely wore out. I replaced it with a 2010 Pliko Compact, and hated it! I COULD NOT push that stroller without constantly stepping on the wheels, and I'm only 5'6". I returned it as my tall husband didn't stand a chance of being able to push it with a comfortable stride. (Something he could do with our '06). I had already thrown away what was left of my '06, so I was unable to compare the two frames to try to figure out what was the problem with the 2010 model.

    Did you notice a similar problem with the Pliko Compact models you tested in 2010 or 2011? Do you possibly have one around that you could measure the width between the back wheels vs. the width between the back wheels on a Pliko 4? I am suspicious that the problem was a narrower wheel base on the Compact versions, and I'm hoping to heaven they addressed this with the 4. Thanks so much for any help you can give me!

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