Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Valco Snap Dual

The World Premiere Exclusive of the Valco Snap Dual!

Some of the moms at SP 2.0's pre-school have been asking me about doubles lately. These are busy families. They go to amusement parks, zoos, libraries, aquariums, and parks. 

 They are in and out of the car a lot running errands, and they travel a lot. Sound familiar? So we invited a curious group to the park today to take a look at the brand new Valco Snap Dual. The first thing Christine discovered is that her really tall 4 year old still fit under the generous canopy, along with SP 2.0. 
 She said the large, accessible basket would be great for Disneyland.
  She really liked how lightweight it was.
And she thought the flip-flop friendly brake was cool.
  Emily also was pleased that her tall 4 year old fit fine under the canopy. She's a mom of two, with a third on the way. This was the first time she had ever seen, or pushed, the Valco Snap Dual.

Even better, it's $449! Use that extra towards a beautiful, colorful seat pad from Valco to liven up the black. Word from on high is that it is too light to take the Joey seat. But for sure it is great if you have two children.

Valco Snap Dual

Weight: 22 lbs
Open: 29.75"W x 32"L x 41"H 
Folded: 29.75"W x 32"L x 13"H 
12"5" Seat Width
9" Seat Depth
9.5" Drop to footrest
19"  Seat back
25" Seat to canopy
18" Seat to ground
Rear Wheels: 10"
Front Wheels: 8"


  1. Will you review the Zee Double too? I was super interested in the Snap Double until I realized it doesn't have independent canopies, which is a deal breaker for me. Thanks!

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