Thursday, May 19, 2011

BOB Revolution SE Review

BOB at the Beach
 I live in "3 B" country. Oh sure, you'll see the odd Quinny Buzz and Zapp, Mountain Buggy, Uppa Baby Vista, and Maclarens, of course. But by and large, around these parts, the big "B's", as I like to call 'em, are the dominators.
So we were eagerly awaiting the long anticipated 2011 Revolution SE, which had been shrouded in secrecy..
  It's the first time BOB has updated the Revolution in several years. Not that they needed to; at least based on it's popularity around here.  But I was really looking forward to this plum. So stunning! 
The changes BOB made to the Revolution SE pretty much address all of the complaints I heard about BOB, over the years.
  The first thing you notice is that the overall look is sleeker and more streamlined; a nice update.
   Here at the beach, you notice a lot of BOBS with faded footrests. The sun is pretty strong around here. But the new plastic tip will hopefully make that a thing of the past.
  The seat is much more padded now, and sits more upright. Some people thought the older style seat was too laid back, too hammock-y. 


  Some also thought that the narrow wheelbase of the old Revolution made it prone to tipping. The SE addresses that issue, adding two more inches of width. 
The basket seems a bit bigger, and more accessible, on the SE.
I wish it wasn't 2.5 pounds heavier. But at least the feather light, responsive steering has stayed the same. Ditto the springy, adjustable suspension.. 
  I personally like the newer, thinner handlebar. Feels better in my hands, easier to grasp.
I always liked those little side pockets inside the seat. Glad to see they are still there.
  The two-buckle back strap recline system now allows for more positions.

One change I don't quite get is that the wrist strap was moved from the bottom axle, to the handlebar. (Maybe so you could see the red buckle, that latches the Revo closed?) It's always a good idea to keep that on your wrist, especially if it's windy. But with the strap up on the handle bar like that, it is easier to flip the stroller backwards, if you fall down.  

    The canopy is still huge, with a bigger  peekaboo window..
As is the seat! It's wonderfully big---measuring up to 16" at the widest point! 
 And, by popular demand, there's now an integrated accessory adapter; which makes it a breeze to snap in a snack tray, or infant carrier!

Just one word of caution from the manufacturer; please don't run with infants under 8 months old. And ESPECIALLY not in car seats! The higher center of gravity makes any stroller prone to tipping.  Not a risk you want to take with your precious progeny.
Weight: 25.5 pounds
Width: 24"
Length: 36" (from front wheel turned inward to back wheel)

Height: 40.5"

Seat Width: 14"- 16"
Seat Depth: 8"

Seat Back: 20.5"

Seat to Canopy: 23-25""

Canopy to handle: 8" (board rider headroom)
Drop to Footrest: 8.5"
Seat to Floor: 22"
Folded: 38" x 24" x 16" 

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  1. Great review! I love that you added dimensions for a board rider, and how you got the measurement for the length. I thought the new BOB was 25" wide though, not 24".

  2. Hi Kristin!
    I'll go back and double-check for you. Sometimes these measurements can be tricky. On the length, for example, people also measure from handlebar to front wheel, or with the wheel turned outward. You can get a lot of different numbers that way!

  3. nice review and great photos
    I hope to get my BOB soon in Poland :)

  4. I almost bought BOB when I was choosing strollers. It's great for jogging but it bulky and heavy to use for everyday use. Thank you for detailed reviews.