Thursday, May 26, 2011

Baby Jogger City Mini and Glider

BJ Books
In my last review, I talked about the 3 "Big B's" that rule my local Strollerland. I showed you the first, now here is the second, sitting grandly under the iconic Tommy Trojan, at USC.
 In luscious, lascivious purple.

  It's the new, 2011 Baby Jogger City Mini, with glider board!
Years ago, when the City Mini first came out, one of the members in Strollerland had a question about it. So I asked CEO Dave Boardman , at the "BIG Stroller Roll-Out!"
The question was--"Why haven't you made a ride-on board for the City Mini?"  Dave thought about it, and his reply was "Because no one has asked! But now that someone has, we will work on it."

And, good to his word, they did! Here it is! It's marvelous. The surface has a non-skid grid, to help little feet stay on board. It can attach to the single or double, and holds up to 45 pounds. You can also strap it up, if you aren't using it.

We had a lot of walking to do at this Festival of Books; through throngs of people. A true double stroller would have been hard to navigate. This is the kind of situation where the Glider excels.

I've had boards in the past that were very difficult to attach, and took the patience of Job. But, as is everything else in the BJ line, the Glider is easy.
As for the City Mini itself, there were a few improvements made for 2011. The seat now has a board in the back to make the seat stiffer. 
The slouchy seat was a common complaint about the City Mini. There is also now a strap you can pull to make it more upright.
You have to hand it to the Baby Jogger crew for listening, and responding!
The basket is also bigger, and easier to access.
 But they also don't mess with success. The fabulous huge canopy, and one hand, one step fold remain. 
And as for the push with the board, loaded up with two kids...well, we were able to do it one-handed, over grass, across busy streets, and through crowds, all day long. The steering was fluid, too, not clumsy or heavy.

 Aside from the Glider board, there are loads of accessories you can add--including car seat adapters, carrycot, snack tray, belly bar, rain cover, and travel bag.   
   The seat on the Mini is larger than average, with a deep recline. Yet the fold is smaller than average, and you don't need a University degree to fold it!

Baby Jogger City Mini 2011

Weight:  17  pounds
Width:  24"
Length: 36"
Height:  40.5"
Seat Width:  13"
Seat Depth:  9"
Seat Back:  21"
Seat to Canopy:   25"
Drop to Footrest: 10"
Seat to Floor:   19"

Folded:  24" x 9" x  32"

Space for board rider: 8" on the diagonal

Glider Board

15.5 x 9.5 x 7 (w/out attachments)

Attachments: 3"

Space between wheels: 11"

Weight: 5 pounds

For more 2011 models, or for help choosing a stroller, go to


  1. can you fold the stroller with the glider board attached? That would be a big concern for city living....if we can fold it with everything on.

  2. please respond to this as I included email.

  3. Hi, I noticed in the picture with your son on the glider board, his head is right around the stroller handle. How do you handle pushing the stroller with him on the glider? Do you have to stretch your hands or bow your elbows to give him more room to stand on the glider? I am interested in buying the glider for my city mini. Thanks!

  4. I love my city mini and am considering the glider board.

  5. i'm not sure if you realize but you can pull the glider board out to make it more comfortable for him

  6. i love the color and the big canopy :)