Friday, December 6, 2013

Flasback Friday, Rock Star Baby Infinity Review

 Rock Star Baby Infinity Review

 (note: this review is from 2005)

Here's one we love, the Rock Star Baby! We told "Variety" magazine, and they chose it as one of the "Four Coolest Strollers" !

I have NOT been this excited about a stroller since, well, the Quinny Buzz and Zapp! This stroller is HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!

I could turn it two fingers with my almost 40-pounder in it! The seat was big enough, but at 42", the canopy was a little too low.
The seat is similar to the Buzz, too, in that it is all one piece. So when you recline it, the whole seat goes back, not just the backrest. The recline lever looks like a handbrake, and it operates on the same mechanism.

You can fold it with the seat on, but it has to be foward facing you.
 It is very very stable. StrollerPrince shook it and tried to tip it over on the SQ Obstacle Course, but he couldn't. The front wheels definitely do better outdoors than the Buzz. The push is great even with the seat facing me, unlike many reversible seat strollers. It feels tight and well-engineered. It comes with a car seat adapter bar, although with the carrycot, I don't know why you would want to stick a car seat in there. The age recommendation is birth to 40 pounds. At the beginning, they will only sell it in the package with the carrycot, (and rain cover.) If you are having a newborn, the carrycot is fabulous. The rain cover has kept the Strollerprince bone-dry in a downpour.
The fabric is canvas-y, but very soft. It will only come in the two
colors for now, a light tan, and a light grey. But the footrest has
some black harder plastic material, to protect against the inevitable
little foot scuffs.
There are back pockets on the canopy. The seat and carrycot are very
easy to pop on and off. It is also super easy to fold, you just push
in a button and pull up on the side triggers.
I was really pleasantly surprised by how well this pushed. It is
totally amazing, definitely up there in the top 5 I have ever pushed.
And yes, this was inspired by Jon Bon Jovi and Tico Torres. You can buy it now, for $499. Details:


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