Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Quinny Zapp Xtra Folding Seat Review

Christmas Zapp
 Hark, the Herald Angel sings,
 Zapp Xtra folding seat, Quinny brings
  The fold is compact; wildly small
 And in one piece, best of all.

Big kids still fit, no mean feat
Maneuverability can't be beat
And the seat reclines so flat
 Fit for a newborn, imagine that!

(Second Chorus )

 All you do is squeeze right here
 It's even marked, so very clear.
 Side mesh windows, big sun hood
 Basket, brakes, and it's all good

 Comes in Mavis, red, and black,

Lots of accessories for you to stack 

Clap your hands and sing its praise,

 good for kids in every phase.

(3rd chorus)

In Holland, where Quinny was born
  People pedal bikes, at night and morn

Babies come along for the ride

With their Zapp clipped to the side

Light a candle, beat a drum
 This small reversible's time has come
 Zapps in stores for you right now

  Quinny stand back and take a bow!`

Weight:  19  pounds
Width:  23.5"
Length: 24"
Height: 41"
Seat Width:  13"
Seat Depth:  9.5"
Seat Back:  21"
Seat to Canopy:   24"
Drop to Footrest: 11"
Seat to Floor:   17"
Folded:  28" x 12" x 15"

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  1. I thought this was THE stroller: light, small and rearfacing. Even ok for a baby. But no, I cannot push it as my legs hit the seat, when facing me. :(