Monday, February 18, 2013

Combi Catalyst Stroller Review

Happy Combi New Year!

Combis are a tradition at our house. (Remember the ultralight Savvy Z? Well, I still have one. Um, two actually. Leopard and Jungle. And remember the flat recline, snack tray Utra Savvy Yep, have one of those in black licorice. Of course, there is a reason. But I will tell you that later.)
Going to the beach on New Year's is another tradition. Building sand castles, splashing in the waves, writing our names in the sand.

But these two tradtions have never merged. Until now.
The catalyst was, the Catalyst. It's Combi's latest and greatest. A big wheel, fold in one piece, reversible seat. And with wheels tough enough to handle the sand and sea!
I took it with trepidation. But was tremendously pleased with it;s performance.
The big basket held all of our treasures...backpack, buckets, shovels, towels, and sunscreen.
And that big ol' canopy provided a good amount of shade.
 When the heat is on--air circulation!
  If you are short and your partner is tall, or vice-versa, no worries here. The handle will go down for you, up for him, and even in between. 
The large-ish wheels tackled the sand with aplomb. No, it's not like my 24" air tire jogger. But then, it is not meant to be.
What it is meant to be is a stroller for a child to face their parents or the world.
And in a seat that transforms into a bassinette, by unbuckling a strap underneath,
This is fabulous. No more need to store an extra bulky piece. Your child is sitting up and looking around. Then they get sleepy. So you just unlcip the straps, and behold! A cozy little bed.
And look at the basket clearance when you have it in "pram mode!" 
     Of course you could do it the opposite way, too. Start with the seat flat for a newborn, I mean. Then put it up when they want to start looking around.
 Really easy to do You can raise and lower the entire seat, in one piece, with this lever. It's at the back of the seat.
Below it is this strap system. That releases down, or tightens up, the seat back.
 And you pop off the seat to forward or rear face by two little side buttons.

The Catalyst has a 50-pound weight limit. So, as you can see, it can be used for several years.
I love the front bar. It also attaches on or off with the push of a button.  Just provides that extra amount of security. It's also a place to hang toys or snack cups, or a footrest for a "Barca-lounging" baby.
All of the wheels have suspension. This really helps performance if the tires are not air.  And the rear ones are a good sized 9".
   When it's time to go home, the Catalyst folds down quickly.
 There's an auto-lock, so it stays closed when you lift it into the car.
 And the wheels pop off easily, so you can rinse the sand off in the sink (which I always recommend.)
Saving the best for might think a stroller with all of these great features would break your baby budget. But guess what..the retail is only $379! How many "reversible seat that turns into a bassinette and folds with the seat on" strollers can you say that about? Wow, Combi, toot your horn! That is something to celebrate!
  Happy strolling to all in 2013!

Weight  26 pounds
Weight: 27 pounds
Wheel size:  9" rear, 7" front
Seat Back:  18.5" 
Seat to canopy:   24"

Seat Width: 15"-13" (shoulders, hips)
Seat Depth: 9.5"  Drop to footrest:  11" 
Seat to ground:  17"
Length:  33"

Width:   21.5"

Height:  32"-44" (adjustable)
Folded: 23" x 21.5" x 15"

To see all 2013 models, go to StrollerQueen.Net  and for personal help, click on the "Consultations" button up top.


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  11. One thing I have noticed, which is in the instructions, is that you really need to make sure the front wheels are lined up perfectly into the back wheels when folding the stroller. Overall, I love this stroller and am very happy with the purchase.