Sunday, July 31, 2011

Baby Jogger POD review

Two Peas in a Pod

Ever since we got the Baby Jogger Pod, the kids can't keep their hands off it. 
 They insisted we take it to the fireworks display, even though we already had another stroller. 

 Which was OK anyway, since we normally have a gaggle of children trailing along, wherever we go. So it's always nice to have an extra seat, for tired little legs.
Not to mention that the "glow in the dark" reflective material is a great idea at night for our night strolls. 

 "Have you ever seen such a cool ride, man?" No! I can't believe it!"
StrollerPrince 2.0 calls the Pod "His little house." And the kids like riding in it with the dark bug net/sunscreen zipped up. I guess it creates a "womb-like" experience.

Another thing they like about it is the very high weight limit--100 pounds! So you can cram a couple of older kids in there. They might look squished, but they don't complain. 

And you can still even push it, without straining your wrists!
 The Pod does have two harnesses, for two children. But, you can re-thread it to make a single center harness, if you only have one rider. Ingenious!
You can make the handle higher or lower, by flipping it around. So tall parents don't have to stoop. and short parents don't have to put their arms in an awkward position. Neither is a very fun way to push a stroller!

As you can see, the bench seat is nicely padded, with a breathable fabric. There are also side mesh cupholders, see it there, in black? No recline, though. So your child has to be really tired to nap.
The mesh above the seat makes it more comfortable for a child wearing a helmet--which is a must if you are biking.

The addition of the handbrake is great. Especially going downhill, when momentum builds with the weight of two children.
The side windows open, to allow more air flow. They provide nice rain protection, and there is an optional front rain/wind cover you can get. So now you can stroll/jog/bike 365 days a  year!

Here is the rear storage compartment, with a toggle closure. It actually unzips on each side, if you need more room.

Speaking of closing, the Pod has the famous "one hand yank up the strap to fold", which has made Baby Jogger about the most popular stroller in the universe!
Of course, the versatility on it is amazing. We use it mostly in stroller mode. That features two  8"inch rubber wheels, 
 and 20" rear air tires. 
 But you can use it as a jogger (not for little babies, of course) by easily switching out to the 16" front air tire. And if you want to attach it to a bike, switch out the front to the trailer tow bar. 
  Which means you have a "three in one" stroller, whoo hoo!
Just remember that when you order the Pod, you are only getting the chassis, and rear tires. You have to order the front wheels or trailer tow bar separately. But whichever kit you choose, grab it while the weather is still nice, and enjoy the rest of this glorious summer!


Baby Jogger Pod
Seat Back:                               15"
Seat to canopy:                        24"
Seat Width:                              21" (single  bench seat)
Seat Depth:                             11"
Drop to footrest:                      6"
Seat to ground:                       14"
Length: (Stroller Mode)           34"                           
Width:                                      28.25"
Height:                                     37-42"
Folded:                                     31"L x 28.5"W x 20"H



  1. I really like this stroller and would like to know where I can get this "newborn wedge". That would make this stroller PERFECT for me.

  2. i really like this one. But still wonder if it will fit the bus door, since I am taking public transport a lot.

  3. I am seriously considering buying this as our main stroller but don't love that I cant put the infant car seat in it for every day use, I don't want to have to take my brand new baby out of their nice warm car seat when its -30 to put them in the stroller....tough decisions. Kali Nicole, I was looking on the baby jogger website and it looks like you might be able to order directly off their or at least find yourself a local retailer.

  4. they have this stroller on and it ships for free and if you don't like it you can return it for free as long as you have all the original packaging and it hasn't been used. I just ordered it and my son is 9 months old and I'm super excited about it. We have the baby jogger city select and love it, but we are traveling a lot this summer and needed something that did stroller/jogger/and bike all in one. I looked at the chariot as well, which is amazing too, but much bigger. I had the chance to buy the chariot cougar 2 at play it again sports for 300 dollars and that included the trailer hitch for the bike, the jogging wheel, and the infant sling which are all sold separately. I opted out becuase the thing was huge and didn't have the fold option like the pod. The chariot is a wonderful option as well, but with the amount of travel we are doing it just wasn't going to work for us. I know Chariot has a model now that you can attach an infant carseat to the top of it and then have older kids inside. They aslo have and infant sling that goes inside the chassis as well as an infant positioner that offers more support while in stroller mode. I'm wondering if you could use the sling or the positioner on the baby jogger pod, I may try it with the next one, but my son doesn't seem to need it. I knwo you can't use it for the trailer mode. I'm really excited about this pod though, expensive yes, but totally worth it with everything it can do.

  5. can anyone link me to the newborn wedge discussed - I can't seem to find it.

  6. This is so cool! My hubby bikes with our son in our trailer all of the time. He would love to have something so cushy!