Monday, July 18, 2011

2011 Maxi Cosi Foray LX Review

Let's say you're really lusting after a high-quality reversible stroller. But you can't, or won't pay nearly 4 figures, or more.

Before now, your only choice was to scout for bargains. Not easy, since most higher-end brands are exempt from sales.
You could also look for used. But then you are risking getting something dirty or broken. And, you tank your warranty.
What to do, what to do.....
 BANG! It's the new Maxi Cosi Foray LX to the rescue!!!!

I am so impressed with this, I can't tell you. When I saw it at the "2011 BIG Stroller Roll-Out!" I couldn't wait to get my hands on it.
  I LOVE the 12" rear air tires, gives it a simply fantastic ride. Really comparable to the higher end models. Just glides, one-handed.


The front wheels even have a wicked suspension!
 The seat is really a generous size, which isn't as common as you might think. In general, reversible strollers have pretty small seats; and many children outgrow them by 18 months, two years old. The Maxi Cosi Foray LX is going to last you much longer.
  It doesn't come with a bassinette, but that makes it a really good choice if your baby is out of the newborn stage. Why pay for the bassinette, if you don't need it?

The latest model is much easier to fold than prior models, and it will fold with the seat on! It also stands folded.

The seat pops off really easily, too, if you prefer to fold it in two pieces. Splitting the weight into two pieces is great if you've had a C-section, or can't lift much for some other reason.
 It's also nice because it is so quick to change directions on the seat. And the seat sits pretty high up from the ground; always a great feature.

The basket is bigger than in prior models. And, check out how ingenious it is. So easy to access from the front, and you can velcro it closed. Why don't more strollers have this?

The handle slides out to 44", so it's great for a taller person. But the bottom height is 39", so it's fine for someone shorter as well.

The brakes are literally one-step, the easiest out there. Totally flip flop friendly. Just step on that white center button to put the brake on, step on it again to release it. And notice how the back of the basket closes with a drawstring.
 The napper bar easily opens up and pivots out, or comes off completely. Makes it very easy to get your child in and out of the seat, or for your child to climb in him/herself, when they are older.

The Foray LX does fully recline. But, because it's more of a "bucket" type seat, though, it isn't suitable for a very young baby. There is too much of a "dip" in the center. I have an old English pram that has what they call "a newborn wedge" just for this reason. You insert it in the dip, then the seat is flat.

Most people just use their car seats now, although I am not a huge fan of sticking car seats in strollers. But this is compatible with the Maxi Cosi Mico car seat.

The large canopy has three panels, and the side windows are UV protected. Great to protect your baby from strong rays.

And don't worry if it rains, because it comes with a rain cover!

And you know what else it comes with, one of the biggest Q's we always get in Strollerland--it's own cup holder, whoo hoo!

 Maxi Cosi Foray LX

Weight:                               24 lbs. (16 lbs. Chassis, 8 lbs, Seat)
Seat Back:                          19.5"

Seat to canopy:                23"

Seat Width:                      13"

Seat Depth:                        9"

Drop to footrest:              7"

Seat to ground:                22"

Length:                               32"

Width:                                24"

Height:                               39"-44"

Folded:                              39"L x 24"W x 14"H

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  1. Hi--I have a question about this stroller. When you reverse the seat so it's parent-facing, doesn't that put the smaller wheels toward you? Does it still glide as smoothly?

    1. actually you take the seat off and turn it around so the small pivoting front wheels remain in the front.

  2. Lauren - the seat comes off of the base so the wheels stay where they are, just the seat moves.

  3. How does the seat size compare to others in its class, like the Urbo or Cruz?

  4. I have this stroller & I love it. People stop me all the time asking questions about it. I dont think I will ever need another stroller. I been using it from birth with compatible car seat & now just the regular canopy seat.

  5. I know this review is older, but I was wondering of the handle was a little jiggly. I just bought one, and I am concerned it won't last.