Sunday, November 16, 2014

Mountain Buggy Nano Review

The Supernaturally Small Nano

This black Mountain Buggy Nano is the StrollerQueen choice for Halloween. The fabric is all black, on a black frame, so of course it fits the mood.


(Or, you can choose red for Christmas, or blue for winter. ) It  has a good sized, accessible basket that can hold all the spoils of trick or treating.

There is a visor on the canopy to shield from sun rays, or demonic glares.

The back is net, so it doesn't get too spooky inside the hood.

The seat reclines about half way, and it has an extended leg rest.

 And the seat is so big that even an older ghost or goblin can take a break when their legs have had enough walking.

Despite carrying a heavier load, it's ghastly easy to push. Almost as if your child was invisible! ;)

Since it storms places other than where I am, you can purchase a rain cover directly from MB.

It is coupled with a sun drape, and the two together are magical for $29. In fact, the Nano itself is a screamin' deal, at under $200.

There is a shoulder strap to carry the Nano, and the fold is very compact. It also comes with it's own travel bag, and is enchantingly designed to fit in the airline overhead bin.

 Now another new stroller has launched on our shores with the same hair-raising claim. I am going to do a smack-down between the two in my next post.

Can you guess what it is?
 And we're saving the weight and fold measurements for the smackdown. Stay tuned...


Mountain Buggy Nano

 Seat Back: 19"
Seat to canopy: 27"
Seat Width:  12"
Seat Depth: 9"-16"
Drop to footrest: 12"
Seat to ground: 17"
Length: 26"
Width: 22"
Height: 40.5 "

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