Thursday, November 27, 2014

BabyZen YoYo vs. Mountain Buggy Nano


One of the things we always mull over when traveling is which stroller to bring. There are two out right now that will both fit in the overhead bins on a plane, or even in the most crowded car.


They are the Mountain Buggy Nano

 and BabyZen YoYo
  Suppose you've read the reviews, and still can't decide. Then here's the final tie-breaker: "The StrollerQueen Smackdown!"

 Now we know that both are small and light, and fold into compact packages. But the Nano is bigger than the Zen. Take a look at these two boxes.

Now take a look at the folded size.
 You can see Nano is a little larger.
 Folded size: YoYo- 22"x 17.5" x 7". Nano-  22"x 21" x 11".
Open, you can see that the Nano is bigger. That's not necessarily a bad thing, because with the larger size, along comes a larger seat.
Both have pretty big canopies with visors.

But the back of the Nano's is nothin' but net.

So if you are going to be outdoors in a lot of sun, rain, or wind, you may want to purchase the sun and storm covers for the Nano (awesome deal at $29 for both!)

YoYo has a peekaboo window on top, and comes with it's own rain cover.

Also, while Nano gives a child more headroom, the canopy is up kind of high near the handle, and can get in the way of pushing.

There is more "hand room" on the YoYo.

Basket:YoYo has a very accessible basket, but as you can see here, Nano's is bigger.

Nano also has fatter wheels.

You can lock Nano's front wheels.

 YoYo says you don't need to on theirs, because the suspension makes them glide over rough surfaces. They do really well on bricks and cobblestones.

 Travel bag: Both come with their own travel bag. The handle and wheels are out on the Nano, so you pull it behind you. The YoYo bag closes with a drawstring.

Recline: Both have slight reclines, suitable for napping (YoYo also has a newborn version with flatter recline.)

Leg rest: Only Nano has one.

Size: Both are small, but configured differently.

YoYo has an extremely narrow back, but the front wheels are set wider apart.

 On Nano, that is reversed, with narrow front and wide back.

Weight: Nearly 14 pounds on both, which isn't bad for this class of strollers. Especially if there is a recline.

Colors: Nano with three different canopy colors; red, blue, or black. All of the seats are black.

YoYo has more choices. You can choose a white or black frame, and then you can choose the fabrics in grey, blue, pink, black, or red.

And if you change your mind or get tired of what you have, you can order a new color pack for $69.99

Both have carry straps, and can fit a variety of infant car seats.

Steering: Both pushed very easily with the 42 pound SP 2.0 in the seat.

YoYo turned a little better one-handed.

Weight limits: 44 pounds on Nano, either 33 or 50 on YoYo, depending on where you see it. I personally don't care what weight limits are listed on strollers (there is not a safety issue, like there is on car seats.)
The truth is, either a stroller steers well with a heavier load, or it doesn't. Some have superior engineering and balance, and some don't. As of yet, there are no official listings for that. You'll just have to take my word for it. ;)

Finally, one big difference is price. YoYo runs $399 to $469. Nano is $199. So as always, when choosing a stroller, prioritize which features are the most important for you, and that will tell you which is best for you.

 If you need help finding the best stroller for you, click on "Consultations" up top. And to see all of the 2014 stroller models, go to StrollerQueen.Net

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