Sunday, April 6, 2014

New! Peg Perego Child Bike Seats

Sometimes people can surprise you. I'm strolling along at the Big City Mom's Biggest Baby Shower, and lo and behold, I stumble upon this? Peg Perego CHILD BIKE SEATS??? Who knew?

Now that is something I didn't see coming.

There are four new models set to be released. The front mounted Orion for younger children, the egg-shaped Eggy, the reclining, lockable, with suspension 10+, and the rear-mounted, foldable Sirius.

Orion-redandgreyEggy-verde-def1029-piccolo-biancoSirius-18 blueandgrey

They really look awesome. I was so startled when I saw them, that I started rolling during her presentation. Please forgive the ambient audio.

I know it sounded a little confusing, but I think they will be for sale online, in May.

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