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Joovy Too Qool double stroller review

Won't you be mine, my Valentine, oh won't you be mine....

Well that's what I thought the first time I laid eyes on the Joovy Too Quool. It was the first time anyone, anywhere, had laid eyes on it, in fact. It was at the ClubMomMe Fall Fest.

So it was only fitting that it makes the "StrollerQueen Review" debut at the ClubMomMe Valentine Tea Party.

It was delectable! Both the party AND the stroller.

 So many fun things for the little ones to do.

Here's SP 2.0 and Grayson bonding over boy things.

If you build it, they will come...

And then there's ships to steer...

But of course, the most entrancing to thing to steer was the Joovy Too Qool!
The creamy white fabric against the graphite frame is as sweet as a cream filled chocolate truffle.

And who wouldn't fall in love with the second, add-on seat?

It's plenty roomy, as I discovered when SP 2.0 leapt in, and wouldn't get out.

I was deliciously  surprised by how ridiculously easy it was to push him around in the back seat. Perhaps it is because of the "Sealed bearing steering", and "Cantilever 4-wheel suspension system". Sweet!


And despite the front being empty, it was even the slightest bit tippy!

And even when his feet in the basket, there was still room to store things.

There's fenders, or mudguards, on the rear wheels. This is to protect little fingers from getting caught up in the wheels. Which is what happened to some children in another brand with the same configuration, a few years ago. I remember there was a lot of uproar about it in Strollerland, when children were getting their fingers scraped. So make sure you put them on, when you are putting together your new Too Quool.

The  Too Quool comes with two seats, but you don't have to use the other one. The rear seat is easy to pop on and off. Which means it's a good choice even if you don't have another child yet, or if you have another little friend or relative occasionally.

   There is also a single version, the Qool. But you can not add another seat on to this one. 

The ride on the Too Qool is remarkably smooth. It has a  four-wheel, cantilevered suspension system with sealed bearing wheels. This technology really makes a difference in performance.
You can choose a graphite frame, like this one, or silver. Once you decide that, then the hard part begins. Because there are 10 color choices! Yes, TEN, count 'em! Blueberry, Apple, Purpleness, Jade, Spice, black, Avocado, Charcoal, my second fave, hot pink, and then the elegant Vanilla that you see here.

Don't let the white color intimidate you; it easily wipes clean. The bumper bar and handle is hand sewn with a lush leatherette, like a premium steering wheel. And like a tilt wheel, the handle adjusts up and down.
The legrest also adjusts up and down, as do the seats.

 The front has three recline positions, and the rear has two.

Both have neoprene seat covers, soft as cotton candy.  They removable, and machine washable.
The canopy is luxurious, and unzips for more coverage.

And there's a peekaboo window, so you can peek in at your little one.
That's if the seat is facing forward. You can also have the main seat reversed, and facing you. You can fold the Too Qool with the front seat in either direction, but you do have to remove the second seat.
 You can add a bassinette, or car seat adapter, or BumpRider riding board. With all of these different configurations, you could get "carried away! "

 Joovy Too Qool  
Weight:                     36.5 pounds
Seat Back:                19"

Seat to canopy:         20"

Seat Width:               12"

Seat Depth:                9"-16"

Drop to footrest:        12"

Seat to ground:          21"

Length:                       33"

Width:                         23"

Height:                        40"-43"

Folded:                        30"L x 23"W x 26"H

Front Seat Min Age - Birth+ when using car seat adapter, or 3 months+ Rear Seat Min Age - 6 months+
Max Weight per seat - 55 lbs. (110 lbs. total)

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