Monday, December 23, 2013

Joovy Caboose VaryLight Tandem Stroller Review

Joovy Caboose VaryLight single to double Stroller Review

"Notice anything different about these two pictures? Hint: It's the same stroller.

But in the first picture, it is long. Like a giraffe's neck.
  And in the second one, it is more compact. Like an anteater's legs. "
"OK, wow, that is awesome! What is it, and where do we get it?"
"Psst, you can call Joovy! This is their new "CabooseVaryLight".
"Looks a lot more comfy than our ride. We've about had it!"
"Look, guys, here's the deal. A lot of companies have tried to do this, but Joovy was the first to actually get it to market."
"Get what to market?"
"It's a radical new technology--a telescoping stroller frame! It expands by nearly 7 inches! That's about this big.
SO big that you can even recline the front seat!" "Gosh, can't do that with this wagon, hmph.
It's got to be hard to do, though, right? Do you have to yank and pull and take it apart?"
"Nope. Just open the side clips, and pull out the handle under the front seat. Here, Greg Gardner will show you":

"I like the fact that I can still use it as a single, for the times my cousin isn't with me.
 I can still sit or stand in it, in it's compact mode.
And if  she pops up for a ride, I can still keep it short!
You know, I have always loved wheels. (Here I am with "Mr. Joovy" playing with the Cocoon X2 tires, before I could even walk! )
And the "VaryLight" ones are pretty good.
 They pop off easily for cleaning, and the front wheels have suspension.

  Another smart idea is the mounts. You can put them on the front or the back. Which means you can also move the snack tray to the front or back.

You can buy another pack with separate cup holders. So now I have my own place to put drinks, and don't have to envy hers!
The mounts work for infant car seats, too. So if she was still in one, she could ride in the front, or the back! Clever thinking there, Joovy!

And the parent pack is wicked awesome!

At first I thought the angle was kind of odd.

But it works really well to keep drinks upright, and from spilling on my head!

I guess she doesn't know that snack tray swings out, so she doesn't have to slide under to get out!
Of course it's easy for me to get out.

Oh, and did I tell you about the canopy? I could pull it to the back to cover me, if I wanted.

Or it could go all the way down in the front, to cover my little cousin.

But of course, the coolest part is still how you can make it so small for just me, a single rider.


 Or, how you can slide it out right here.
  To make it as long as an elephant's trunk.
So it can fit me, and any of my other cousins that should want to come along for the ride! And that is why it is called 'Vary' Light, as in varied, variables, many options, for different situations."


Weight:  32.5 pds.      

Width:  24.5"

Length:  32"

Seat Width: 14.5" (front)

Seat Depth:  9.5" (front)

Seat Back: 20.5" (front)

Seat to canopy:  28" (front)

Drop to footrest:  9" (front)

Handle height:  41.5"

Folded:  15 " x 24.5" x 37"

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  1. That looks awesome except for the weight! I'll have a NB and 3yo soon, so something like this would be ideal.

  2. Yet again they seem to come up with a stroller for exactly what I need. Great review, thank you!

  3. Love this@!

  4. This is seriously such an amazing stroller! I love that the first seat can recline back so much!!!!

  5. Loving the storage basket and the parent pack! Awesome!

  6. I'd love to win this - love that it can be a single or a double!

  7. I love this and Joovy. I have the Caboose too Ultralight, but I'd love this one. There are times I only have 1 that wants to sit and I'd love to be able to make it small.

  8. Melissa CleavelandJanuary 5, 2014 at 10:16 PM

    We have a joovy caboose and love it, but this is even better!

  9. Do you know if Joovy Too rear seat can be used for Varylight? How far does the front seat recline? And is the carseat adapter included?

    Thank in advance

    1. I just registered for this stroller and was told that as of right now there is not the additional seat like in the Joovy Too but maybe soon...they said the rep was there recently and that was one of the questions they had too. The car seat adapter is not included and it ran about $30-$40. I'm very excited to get this stroller though! I was able to disassemble the entire thing in the store and play with it...very user friendly! Hope that helped!

  10. Loving my Joovy Varylight it came in the mail yesterday! This site was the only place I could find a great review of it before buying it! Thank you!!!