Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Kiddy Click' n Move 3 Stroller Review

Kiddy Click' n' Move 3

Are you looking for a reasonably priced, reversible, do it all stroller? One that stands alone, with a great one-handed push, built-in rain cover, and covered basket? 
 Then check out this new Kiddy Click n' Move 3!  Recent to the U.S., Kiddy is a 40 year old, family owned company from Bavaria.

And now this German company has crossed the pond for a repeat of their Euro success.

Love the black frame. You can also get a black frame with the color "stone" fabric. And there are two silver frames offered, with black, or "walnut" fabrics. But this one is called "cranberry".

Notice the nice padded harness, by the way, to protect those tender little shoulders from getting chafed.

 The Click n Move 3 has three recline positions.

This is pretty flat, but you can also buy the Kiddy Carrycot if you like. It's so cute!

Just above this zippered pocket, on the back, is a black metal recline bar. You squeeze it, and down goes the seat.

There's a napper bar, if your child likes to sit up, and pull themselves forward. But it has another function as well. What lies beneath it?

Ding ding! You got it! Or you saw my preview, ;). Well if you did, you read that this is one of my favorite features. You unzip this cover, and,

Ta da! Instant rain protection!

Ahhhh-mazing! (The napper bar also swings out, or pops off if you want to remove it completely.)

I'm such a stroller geek when it comes to innovation. But what a great idea.
We have been caught out in the rain countless times without a cover. Because you know the song "It never rains in California"...well it does.
But rarely enough, so that keeping a cover in the bottom of the basket for occasional use gets tedious. So you take it out. And then you leave it somewhere. And then it rains. And you get wet.
But with the Click n Move 3, it's a no-brainer. The raincover is always there, so you are always covered. Literally.

 As I mentioned earlier, the basket is covered, too.
There is a canvas flap that you can completely zip up all the way, to protect all of your belongings from the elements, or prying eyes.

More features include an adjustable handlebar,

 suspension on the wheels,

which are easy to remove, by the way.
There's a big brake in the center, that is very easy, and obvious, to use,

A comfy, adjustable leg rest,

And an oversized canopy with a covered peekaboo window.

The seat is super easy to reverse. You just pull up the two side levers, and it lifts right out.

The fold is pretty neat. I like the way it self stands. Basically you just pull up the levers on the handlebar,

then grasp the lower handle and it slides down.

It's easier than it sounds. Take a look:

In addition to the Click n Move 3, Kiddy's initial launch includes two car seats, two strollers, a carrier, and a few accessories.

  In conclusion, I would say that the Click n' Move 3 is a well thought out, packed with features stroller that comes in at a good price. Worth a try. And it will leave you high and dry!

Kiddy Click' n Move 3
Weight: 27.5 pounds
 Seat Back:  19"       
 Seat to canopy:  24"

 Seat Width: 12.5"
 Seat Depth:  8.5"-18.5"

 Drop to footrest: 9" 
 Seat to ground:  24"
 Length:  35"
 Width:  24.5"
 Height: 32"-46"

Folded" 15" 24.5" x 20"

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  21. I love that this stroller has so many options. I like the reversible seat and that it has suspension in the wheels for a smooth ride.

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